Karen Owens & "Spectrum", founders of Utopia Spiritual Unity & Thriller Nights Paranormal Investigation
will be holding the following Spiritual / Paranormal Investigation Workshops / Training Days in South Wales.

Themes will include Spirit Guides / Angels, Spiritual / Afterlife Communication, Meditation / Visualisation,
Spiritual Awareness / Development, Paranormal Investigation, Trance etc.


Sorry, There are no workshops planned at the moment but please watch this space!


Karen (aka Rainbow) is a spiritual medium & paranormal investigator and Spectrum is her trusted spirit guide & soulmate/twinflame.
They have been communicating and working with each other for over 35 years
, specialising in trance, physical mediumship, spirit rescue
& paranormal investigation.  In 2009 they founded Utopia Spiritual Unity and started teaching classes in meditation & spiritual
communication. Also in 2009 they launched their own paranormal investigation team & public events club called "Thriller Nights".

Karen is privileged to have become good friends with Jacky Newcomb aka "The Angel Lady"-  Author, TV Presenter and Magazine Columnist.
Karen has learned a great deal from Jacky and finds her a true inspiration. Besides attending Jacky`s workshops Karen has also helped out occasionally.
Jacky is extremely supportive and encouraging to Karen and was so pleased to learn of our forthcoming workshops that she wrote the following:

'Karen is an excellent workshop tutor and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her.'
Jacky Newcomb, TV Presenter/Best Selling Author