Thriller Nights Paranormal Investigations / Utopia Spiritual Unity provides the opportunity to visit some phenomenal haunted locations & other venues with our team
of paranormal investigators, spiritualist mediums & spiritual tutors. However we have to issue a strict code of conduct for the safety and protection of yourself, our
team members, the locations we investigate and people living in the area- which you must agree to in order to take part.

This is a legal requirement by our insurers and most locations also insist upon it in order to allow us access to their property.

Please read through the following before you book your place/s on any of our events/workshops,  if you do not agree to comply you cannot be permitted to take part.
On arrival at any event/workshop you will be reminded of these terms & conditions and a disclaimer form will be provided - which you must sign and return before we begin.

A copy of the terms and conditions will be available for you to read on location, but must be returned to the admissions desk afterwards.

At the end of the event/workshop you will be given the opportunity to provide feedback and comments.

Our Terms & Conditions are as follows…

1)  Deposits are not refundable and must be paid on booking. Place/s cannot be reserved without a deposit being paid up front. Any remaining balance must be paid no later than 14 days before the event or workshop unless otherwise agreed. If you have paid in full and have to cancel less than 14 days beforehand, we can only refund your money if we are able to resell your place/s, less the non refundable deposit amount. There will be no refund for anyone requested to leave an event or workshop for any reason attributed to their own behaviour or failure to comply to our rules. If you simply fail to turn up for an event or workshop all monies already paid is forfeited. This is because for workshops we would have prepared named and dated documents for you and supplied workbooks etc, which have to be paid for.  In the case of events the venue hire still has to be paid for and not turning up may leave us with a shortfall, when your place may have been wanted by someone who would have turned up and paid!  However, if for any unfortunate reason beyond our control we have to cancel an event or workshop, full refunds will be given (including deposits!)

2)  Attendees must be 18 years of age or over unless accompanied by parent / guardian, the minimum age for sensible & mature accompanied guests is 16 years. However, some venues have a minimum age of 18 rule, which we will abide by at all times.

3) Events are normally overnight (example 8pm - 4am) without accommodation or sleeping arrangements. If you plan to stop over locally beforehand or afterwards you must make your own arrangements to do so. You are also responsible for your own travel arrangements. Parking at some locations may be limited or not available on site, so we recommend car sharing where possible. Thriller Nights cannot be held responsible for any damages, stolen goods / vehicles, transport fares, parking fees, fines or other expenses you incur whilst travelling to / from or attending our events. Parking on location is at your own risk.

4) You will not be admitted into locations before the stipulated time. Our team members arrive earlier in order to set up and prepare the event and make sure everything is in place so we can provide a safe and enjoyable experience for our guests. It is difficult to do this properly if people are arriving before we are ready. As a result either something may get missed out - or worse still you may feel neglected because we cannot guarantee to notice or acknowledge your arrival or take care of your needs in a timely manner. If you do arrive early please either sit in your car and wait, or take the opportunity to check out the local area and / or grab some non alcoholic refreshments / food before you come in.

5)  After admittance please do not wander around the venue prior to the event, either alone or with your friends / group. It is a safety and security risk for yourself and the venue, and there may be off limits areas or hazards which you may not be aware of. We will also have equipment set up which should remain undisturbed until we begin the event. During the event please stay with your group at all times. If you need to use a toilet during activities please try to wait until a break, or ask a team member to accompany you. Under no circumstances should you be alone in the venue at any time or for any reason, for your own safety and to avoid disturbing other groups who may be working nearby. Attendance of any Thriller Nights event is entirely at your own risk.

6)  During our events we work in a safely controlled environment with the purest love and light at all times and with total respect for spirit. We do not allow "Ghost Baiting", disrespectful behaviour, language or attitude towards spirit at any time. Remember we are trespassing on their domain and should feel humbled to be allowed in. We appreciate circumstances, the nature of these events and certain phenomena may cause sudden fright or excitement. This is understandable, but we discourage un-necessary mass hysteria such as that seen on television - which is mostly publicity hype and is not a very professional image to convey (and it could even cause accidents!) We reserve the right to request anyone acting in an unaccepted way to leave the premises without refund of any fees paid for the event.

7)  Any and all forms of spiritual contact has very real risks and dangers involved. Each and every event begins with protection and grounding routine and ends by thanking spirit for their hospitality and any phenomena they may have provided during the event. You will be given the opportunity to decline taking part in the grounding & protection routine if you wish, but it is an important part of our events and may be in your best interest- if only for your own peace of mind. During each individual activity throughout the event spirit is always asked politely to participate and thanked when they do so. We do not use the term " Is anyone there? " because doing so is like leaving your front door unlocked and advertising your home as being open to anyone or anything! Instead we ask in our opening routine for spirits connected with the venue or group members to use this opportunity to communicate with us. We do not permit participation in any dark arts or encouraging negative energies to come forward. Anyone caught doing so will be escorted off the premises without refund of any fees paid and possibly banned from future events.

8)  We request appropriate behaviour towards everyone in attendance by showing respect for others and also to use consideration towards the venue and those who may be living close by. You must take care not to damage anything in the venue and remember events usually end either very late at night or early morning so please keep noise to minimum level at the end. If you commit any criminal offence or damage any property within the venue or surrounding area, you must agree to be held responsible for your own actions and accordingly accept any personal or legal costs incurred. Thriller Nights will not be held responsible for actions or damages caused by you. Some venues have prohibited areas for safety or security reasons and this must be obeyed at all times. Failure to do so will result in you being asked to leave without refund of any fees paid.

9)  You will not be permitted entry if you are, or are suspected to be under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs of any kind and must not bring such substances into the event. You must also be of sound mental and physical health, and you must let us know of any physical or mental health problems or any medication or treatment you require. Paranormal events can be tiring and involve a lot of mental and physical strain and it is important to be fit enough to cope. Smoking is not allowed inside any venue and must be done only in official appointed areas during breaks. Consumption of alcoholic beverages is not permitted at any time during the event.

10)  You must agree to accept responsibility for your own property and safety and may not hold Thriller Nights liable for any personal loss or injury. You must also agree to take responsibility for any Thriller Nights Paranormal equipment you may be entrusted with during the event, and to return it in it`s original condition afterwards. You may use your own equipment during events but must take full responsibility for it yourself

11)  Thriller Nights Paranormal Investigators are sensitive to members of the public attending all events. We realise many may not be spiritually or psychically experienced and may be frightened or offended by witnessing spiritualism at work. Although some of us are also mediums we use care and discretion when working during an event. Please do not ask any of our team for personal spiritual readings during the event, we are not able to do so because it is not the right place or occasion. However in some circumstances it has been known for one of our spirit guides to bring forward a loved one or provide a message or evidence for a group member. If this should happen you have the right to accept or decline communication. In addition, prior to all activities during an event we make it clear that if you are not happy to participate you do not have to do so, or if you take part but become uncomfortable or uneasy in any way during the activity, you do not have to continue. We ask guests who have mediumship skills to also be considerate towards other guests and not to use your skills for any purpose that may unsettle or scare others in any way. We also ask you not to attempt to move on, rescue or clear spirits from the location as this is a separate issue and we have a dedicated team especially for this purpose. We are there simply to investigate the location and any residing spirits. Moving spirits on from the venue during investigations is not only against our policy
but may also be against the venue`s wishes and may result in Thriller Nights not being allowed return visits, which we do not want to happen! 

12)  For your safety and comfort please remember to wear sensible comfortable shoes and warm clothing (preferably black or dark colours). Even in summer locations can become very cold at night. In some venues there may be outdoor activities so please ensure you have appropriate outerwear for the season or weather. A good torch is highly essential, as are plenty of spare batteries because haunted locations drain batteries extremely quickly! You may bring a camera with you but some venues do not permit photography and this must be obeyed at all times. If you are allowed to take photographs please remember to take care around other peoples eyes and to warn others you are about to take a photograph. If anyone in the group prefers not to be photographed please respect their wishes and privacy accordingly.

13)  Food / Refreshments will not be provided on location unless otherwise stated. We recommend that you bring food & non alcoholic refreshments with you, make sure you eat a good meal beforehand, or come early enough to eat in an establishment local to the event before we start. Please either take your litter home with you to dispose of properly, or use the bag/bin provided on site in order to help us leave the venue tidy when we finish.

14)  Thriller Nights cannot promise any spiritual phenomena will actually occur during the event. Spirit do not have to perform to request and it is not possible to promise anything paranormal in origin will take place. Sadly there are groups out there who "guarantee" certain phenomena. There is no way they can keep this guarantee - unless they plan to FAKE it! These groups are mainly dishonest, unprofessional profiteers who will promise anything to bring more money in! Thriller Nights do not fake phenomena or cheat during activities, anything that takes place is for real and genuine. Anyone caught cheating or trying to fake phenomena of any kind will be asked to leave without refund of any fees paid.

15)  Occasionally at our events we may have the company of other paranormal teams which we are friendly with, sometimes they may be leading groups for us. If you are assigned to their group please be assured you will receive the same level of care and attention as you would rightfully expect from all Thriller Nights events. They are with us by mutual agreement and will obey our terms and conditions in the same way our own team members have to. Alternatively if you are attending one of our events with another paranormal team as guests, we welcome your group but request compliance of our terms and conditions at all times. Please remember you are attending a Thriller Nights event and therefore should obey our terms and conditions whilst you are with us, in the same way you would rightfully expect us to obey yours if we were at your event - and of course we would gladly comply at all times.

16)  During our events guests & spirit are invited to take part in various methods, activities and experiments for spiritual communication, which involves the use of different tools & equipment which we have available. This is totally optional, you would not be forced or expected to do anything and are free to sit it out and watch if that is preferred. We never treat any form or method of communication as a game and take each and everything we do seriously, with total respect at all times. We do not expect spirit to perform for us, we simply invite them to interact with us and provide a choice of ways to do so. From our personal experience it has become perfectly obvious some spirits enjoy using certain tools etc, whilst others prefer something else, so we provide a selection in the hope spirit will join in ... with fantastic results! The way we see it is that if an event didn`t involve a variety of activities and experiments it would be pretty boring all round, for the spirits as well as us! 

17)  We remind you that you must agree to all Thriller Nights rules and regulations and sign a disclaimer form in order to take part in our events. Once admitted to the venue, any unacceptable behaviour or other infringement on your part may result in you being asked to leave without refund

Footnote: we reserve the right to use photographs taken during our events/workshops by ourselves - or with permission, those sent to us by guests,
for event/workshop report purposes online or in printed format on our website or in related galleries/albums. By signing the disclaimer form in acceptance
of our terms, you are also agreeing to the use of any photographs in which you may appear. As mentioned in the above terms, should you prefer not to
be photographed, please make it clear to your fellow team members during the event/s/workshop/s. Photographs are
NOT sold or used for any other purpose.
Thank You.  

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation and we hope to see you at future events/workshops!

© Thriller Nights Paranormal Investigation / Utopia Spiritual Unity
No copying, distribution or other use in whole or part in any form or media without express permission.
All rights reserved

Note:  by law we now have to include the following sentence  

For Entertainment Purposes Only

However we disagree with this as we are a serious and committed group striving to find proof of life after death and provide the evidence for all to see.
We are not playing games, we are honest,  we are not a stage or circus act and spirit are not there for our entertainment!
Sadly this one short sentence may give the wrong impression about us and we find it insulting and belittling -  it has to be written, but we don`t have to agree with it!  :-(

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