Founder, Head Medium
& Invetigator

Investigator &
Trainee Medium

Recently we have had to take a break due to health & personal reasons of our founder. Many of our team members have moved on to run their own groups or are no longer working in the paranormal field. We are currently waiting to hear back from original team members whether they are still with Thriller Nights and if so they will be added to this page at a later stage. This also means we are recruiting new team members. We do not mind team members being members of or having their own groups as well as Thriller Nights, unlike many other groups! All we ask is that our team members are able to attend team meetings approximately every 4 months, are able and willing to lead groups during events, and have a sensible and respectful attitude towards spirit and the paranormal. Training is available so experience although useful is not essential. We hope to get back up and running as soon as we can with a view to organising events as early as we can in 2017 (it takes time to train team members, book, plan and fill guest spaces for events, so we will not have time to do all this in what is left of 2016) However until we have a full team we will not be able to plan any events.

Please get in touch if you would like to join our team