Thriller Nights Investigations are for our team only. The only way you will be able to take part is to become a member,
because only members can join the team! Investigations are conducted by us upon request or invitation on behalf of Charities, Businesses or Private Households. Depending on circumstances we may be able to report/reveal all or part of the investigations.

  We describe these occasions as "Investigations" so not to confuse them with "Events", which are full
investigations for members and guests to attend alongside the team, using all the same tools, methods, equipment,
experiments and activities that we use for investigations- in some phenomenal haunted locations!

Reports of past investigations (subject to applicable permissions and/or restrictions) below

5th February 2010


27th February 2010

If you wish to book the team for charity investigations or to carry out investigation in your home, business or workplace, please contact us!

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