Here are some of the lovely comments & testimonials received following our events & investigations.
I would like to thank you all for your kind words and am glad you enjoyed your time spent with us.
I hope this means we will have the pleasure of your company in future events & investigations!

For privacy reasons we have left off names, should the author/s wish to be identified please contact me
and I will add the information. If you enjoyed spending some time with thriller Nights, please feel free to send your
comments and/or testimonials, which you can do via Facebook, Our Forum, Guestbook or Email. Thank You.


" A Wonderful night, surreal but wonderful x "

" Well done to the team last night, great night and amazing building"

" Last night was my 1st time doing anything like this and I was amazed by the things I felt and experienced.
I have looked at a few of my pictures and I may possibly have caught an orb in the attic (where can I post them?)
I will recommend your group to a few people and I hope to see you all again soon."

"The event was planned very professionally, and Karen, you have a great team. You all made us feel welcome from the
start, a well organised event, and a great place to visit. looking forward to coming again with you. Thanks again"

" I had a great night saturday. I want to say thankyou to Karen for giving us the opportunity to go to such a fab location
and to have such an amazing experience. Thankyou also for all your hard work Karen and also to the other team members
for their hard work and dedication. x "

" It was a fab nite, and that table moving around the room like that blew me away. I have seen them tilt slightly before
and also felt a table vibrate, but not seen anything like that I even checked under the table a couple of times to see if
there was anyone or anything under"

" That table spun around, I was there, and nobody's fingers moved that table. :-) I was extremely impressed. Loved it..! x "

" Hi to all great night had some wonderful experiences big thank you to Karen and the work she has put in to
organising this event. Also big thank you to team members and also the guest teams. "

" You and the team work so hard, I admire you all and thank you all for everything. xx "

" Thanks for a fab night last night, really awesome!! can't wait for the next one x "

" Thank you for a fantastic night "

" Thoroughly enjoyed the night at Cefn Coed Mining Museum. Looking forward with great anticipation.
Thanks for a very enjoyable and thought provoking night "

" Fab night. Really enjoyed, thanks a lot. "


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