We are committed to helping and rescuing lost souls who are stranded on the Earth plain unable to find their way home to the Spirit world.
We only work in light and love, with total respect for spirit at all times - and all our work is conducted under spiritual protection.

There are many reasons these unfortunate souls may find themselves lost and in need of our help, ranging from sudden physical death/accident,
murder, misjudgement, attachment to places/people, fear of crossing over, unfinished business, not realising they are deceased, and many more.

The team volunteer their time to finding and helping those in need of help, and have encountered many during occasions such as visiting places
or people and discovering lost souls whilst there, working at paranormal investigations or spiritual gatherings, carrying out hobbies & interests,
and by being contacted by home & business owners/occupiers wishing for help with hauntings and/or spiritual attachment.

We have a theory that so far is really coming into it`s own, and that is that there are not many truly "evil" entities as is often interpreted by some.
More often than not these poor souls are simply getting desperate for help and attention, and like a child will simply "Play Up" and get worse
until the craved/needed attention is found and given! Once they get noticed and help is at hand, peace is restored... although sometimes it
isn`t immediate and may require more than one visit, however normally a change can be noticed after the first visit.

Depending on the severity of the haunting/attachment, we may need to carry out some initial tests and experiments, ask questions, and do
some research. We will also make a spiritual connection with our spirit guides and helpers, without whom we wouldn`t be able to do our work.
We will ask them to bring forward those we are there to help, initialise communication and give us any information we may need.
Finally we will make sure the lost soul/s is/are ready and willing to proceed before asking for our helpers to escort them into the light.
Most will go quickly, peacefully and willingly. Some may linger, if only to pass on gratitude and love to their loved ones and/or helpers.

We are not "Ghost Hunters", "Ghost Busters" or "Exorcists". We are not here to force any soul to cross over, merely to help those who
wish to go, to do so.  We will provide the help and opportunity for them and our guides and helpers will escort them into the light to their loved
ones on the other side. Sometimes our guides will bring their loved ones in to collect them and help them move on.

If you are in need of our assistance or advice please get in touch.

Thank you.