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Q.   When someone dies do they stay the same age they reached in life?
A.  Not neccessarily. A baby who passes over has the ability to grow up on the other side just as he/she would have had here on Earth. I lost a twin before I even knew I was expecting twins, but have met my spirit daughter and she is growing up alongside her sister. They are both healthy happy 21 year old`s even though they are in different realms. Likewise an older person can return to a younger age if they wish. I asked this very question once when visiting Spectrum during meditation. He responded by taking me to the lake edge and asking me to look into the water... in my reflection I saw that I had returned to the age I was when he died. The next day he came to me as he would have been now if he had lived. I was worried about joining him at a much older age but he did this to calm my fears and reassure me we can be as we wish, I can return to the way I was, or he can age to match my age when I finally cross over and join him permanently. In fact he tells me he is growing older with me until we can be together in spirit, at such time we will probably go back to how we were when he was so cruelly taken. But there are also those who will remain the same age in spirit, it is their choice.

Q.   What is the difference in a Guardian Angel and a Spirit Guide?
A.   A Guardian Angel is a being of pure lightforce who is believed to have never actually lived on Earth, but was assigned to protect you and care for you well before you were even born. A Spirit Guide is a spirit being who has lived at least once, who was chosen and agreed to help guide you along
life`s often rocky road. It will normally be your guide/s who you will encounter during your life and any spiritual development you may undertake, but your Guardian will always be there in the background, supervising and advising your guides and protecting you. In very extreme circumstances or emergencies your Guardian Angel can and will put in an appearance, as did my Toyta on occasions. Also, Your Guide can and often does actually accompany you through many lifetimes, which is why many of us see them as an old friend, that`s exactly what they are!.

Q.    You say "Toyta" is an Asian Indian Prince. How can this be if he has never lived and is purely light?
A.   Toyta (pronounced Toe-e-ta) took on a "human" identity so I could relate to him and recognise him. He has appeared to me several times and
even saved my life on more than one occasion. He comes to me in his chosen "earthly" appearance so he doesn`t scare or startle me, and so I know
it`s him. Having said this I have never seen his face and am told I won`t until the day I die, and he has only ever spoken once. Other times he speaks to
me through my guides. I see him as a brilliant blue light, sometimes with a tinge of white... the Indian Prince clothing, ruby on his headdress, and his
light are all I see, but I also feel his unmistakeable angelic love and energy, that`s good enough for me!

Q. How can I find out who my Guardian Angel and / or Spirit Guide/s are?
A. There are many ways. I found out about Toyta after a life-threatening experience at work. His existance was later re-confirmed when visiting a local medium to contact Spectrum! At the time I was grieving for someone very special, I had no idea then he was actually my Twin Flame and was to become my principal guide and be known in the spirit world as Spectrum, I just wanted to try and contact him if it was possible... and got a lot more!
The medium was able to tune in further and actually described Toyta, got his name and his role in my life. You can try visiting a medium yourself, but there are no guarantees. However, If you are actually spiritually gifted yourself or are trying to develop your gifts, you can try to meet your Guardian/Guide/s in meditation. You could also try leaving a note for them by your bed, asking them to come forward in a dream. Take the first answer you get which will normally come as a thought out of the blue, and may not even have any recogniseable significance to you... this is how they will answer and is normally the information you are looking for. You could just ask them to come forward and talk to you and give their name... often a simple invitation is all they need!

Q. You say Spectrum had been someone you once knew.
I was always told a guide can`t be someone you knew in your current life, so which is right?

A. Contrary to popular belief, someone you knew before they died can become your guide. If you have a close enough relationship or a very
strong spiritual bond, it is possible. In our case, it turns out we are actually Twin Flames, our bond cannot be broken. Under these circumstances,
and because neither of us is prepared to lose contact, Spectrum has become my guide. Obviously I would have preferred him not to have died in the
first place, but I can`t think of anything better than knowing he is with me, and is prepared to play such a huge role in my life. I can`t think of anyone I
would rather have as a guide!

Q. How did you find out yours and "Spectrum`s" Soul Names?
A. I was first given mine during a reading by a medium, when my "principal guide" came through and gave her the name to give to me. That got me wondering if my principal guide also had a soul name, and if so what it was. I found his out during meditation when he and another guide (Al) told me.
At that time they also confirmed mine to me. Later on mine was also re-confirmed during a spiritual naming ceremony, so I have no doubts of it having been given the same name 3 times on different occasions and from different sources!

Q. My father was a complete non believer before he passed over. Would that make it impossible to contact him?
A. No, but he will only come forward if he wants to. Non believers soon get to realise spirits are real, once they become one and realise how silly
they had been! But if they don`t want to or are not ready to come forward then they don`t have to... that`s where the term "Free Spirit" comes in,
no spirit has to do what we want them to!

Q. One of my guides was well known in her lifetime. I read a letter in a magazine where someone else
says she is their guide, is this possible or is one of us wrong?

A. Neither of you are wrong. I have been taught that "guides" can be guides for several people. However, your principal guide and your guardian
angel are yours alone. They are the ones permanently assigned to you and will be the ones with you all the time. Your other guides may only be needed
for a short space of time, or on odd occasions, so they are able to work with more than one person using their particular skill for all or both of you. We
all have a principal guide who stays with us, a guardian angel who stays with us, and other guides who share themselves out. We can also all from time
to time have one or more of the arc-angels with us, they are the higher angels who help everyone as needed and like regular guides, are not assigned
to anyone in particular. My Twin Flame Spectrum was well known in this life in his latest incarnation. But he is my principal guide, and so will only be
with me. Although I have read somewhere that someone else thinks his spirit is with him, Spectrum has told me he is not, he has no reason to be with
this other person. If your well known personality is your head guide, she will only be with you, but if she is a "regular" guide then others can also
rightfully claim to be guided by the same personality.

Q. How long does it take before a spirit can make contact for the first time?
A. There are no rules that say a spirit can`t make contact straight away, it depends on their strength and if they actually want to. In my personal experience, with Spectrum I was in contact with him within a few hours of his passing.  I was trying to contact my grandfather, who had "guided" me since he died
when I was little. I was hoping he could tell me if Spectrum was okay but instead Spectrum himself surprised me by coming through :-) It was then he
first told me he had already found out we are soulmates, which he has often reconfirmed! However, it took several years to make contact with other
loved ones for the first time, and there are others who have never come forward at all yet.

Q. Does a person who was disabled or sick in life remain like this in spirit?
A. No. Spirit is not of the physical realm, it is the physical body which carries any disability or ailment and the spiritual body is free from all of this. I have
a cousin who suffered greatly with rheumatoid arthritis from the age of 2 or 3, he has since passed into spirit and is strong and healthy now. I also have
an aunt that passed away who had both legs amputated due to complications with diabetes... she now has her legs back!

Q. Are spirit aware of passing time here in the physical world?
A. Definately. Spectrum is more than aware how many years have passed since he crossed over to spirit. He knows how old I am now and how old he is/would be now (he is ageing with me). If I happen to be communicating with him on specific dates he is fully aware what the day/occasion is,
and will always know what occasion is coming up should I ask him to clarify for me. Once we had been talking about a personal occasion coming up, he not only gave me the date but confirmed he was referring to 2006! In addition to this, he is actually even more attuned to time than I am!.
When preparing to close a recent tuesday night Galss Divination session, I asked "Can we talk tomorrow?".  He replied "No". So I asked "When can we talk again?" He went to the letter "T" so I said "Thursday?", "No" he replied. "Tuesday?" I asked. He answered "No" again.
Rather confused I said I had given all possible answers to "T" and he had said "No" to each of them... to which he replied "ZZZZZ" (which he does when I have either missed the point or am being a bit "slow" to get it)... this made me think, then I looked at the clock and realised it had passed midnight...
"Ahaaaa" I said... "Tonight?"... "Yes" he said.  I`m sure I could sense him laughing and breathing a sigh of relief that I had finally twigged!

Q. I have often felt a sudden chill in the atmosphere and been told it could be spiritual energy around me. But I have also felt sudden warm sensations and been told the same thing! What does spiritual energy actually feel like, and which is good/bad to experience?
A. It depends. You have described and most likely already experienced two of the classic energies... all spirits have a unique energy that given time and practise, you will be able to learn to recognise them by. Spectrum`s energy is always very warm and loving, I know when he is around because his energy is unmistakeable. Toyta`s energy is neither very warm or very cold, but has an unmistakeable tingly feeling like an invisible but very mild electrical charge within... with both of them there is always a terriffic sense of peace, love, protection, trust, loyalty and safety. Others can feel cold, damp or slightly chilly.
One thing you must remember though is the type of energy is not an indication of "good or bad". Whenever you feel spiritual energy around you, trust your gut feelings. If you sense feelings of peace, love, protection, harmony or feel safe, it is most likely to be either your Guardian Angel, Spirit Guide or a loved one checking up on you. If your instincts feel uneasy or unsafe then you will need to call your angel for protection just to be on the safe side. It could be harmless energy meaning no harm but be careful anyway. If the energy has appeared out of the blue use your feelings as a guide... if it has come because you are working with spirit and/or called for it, then I would hope you have already prepared and protected yourself and your guide/s first!

Q. Some messages I receive via mediums make it seem like spirits can see the future. Can they?
A. Yes, they can, but rarely is anything really awful told to us. If it is, it is often in such a way that we neither know when, who or where it applies to... simply because it is fate, it is written, and if we knew beforehand we would therefore in effect be able to "alter fate" which is not our right to do. I myself have received information to prepare me for things ahead, which has come true and there was no way I could or should have been able to do anything about it. My Internet friends in spiritual development groups often remark how they receive information or images from their guides (as I do) of something about to take place, but there is not enough detail to make it possible to know when or where this is going to occur, and so it cannot be prevented. After the event pieces fall into place and we know this is what we were given. I see it not as something we were supposed to act upon, but more as something to clarify for us our guides are indeed aware of things going on and are really communicating to us. Spectrum often gives me information or visions and I know it is something that will happen, often within the next couple of days if not that same day... usually it is just a simple exercise to test if I am taking notice, listening to him and watching for whatever it is to happen, not something huge or life-changing and to most people would go un-noticed altogether.
Other times he will give me a date/month or year ahead of time to prepare for something much bigger.  

Q. Where do our Guardian Angels go when we die?

A. As You have asked specifically about Guardian Angels this is the route I will be taking... I have to admit this is one question I needed to ask for help with... I had a very different idea in mind but both Spectrum and someone else who is extremely knowledgeable on angels - famously so, gave me the same answer, so I am glad I didn`t just give you my thoughts on it!  Their answer is that Guardian Angels come back to start afresh with a new baby, this
is their role. Their duty is to see you safely through your Earthly existance. Once their duty here with you has come to it`s end, and they have safely delivered you to the next realm, they are no longer required by you so they return to start again where they are needed.

Q. I notice you use the word "Spirit", a lot of people use the word "Ghost". Is there any difference?
A. I never really thought about it myself, I just don`t really like the word "Ghost" and prefer to say "Spirit". However, Spectrum often uses the word
"Ghost", (usually when we are working in rescue to help one cross over into the spirit world), so your question prompted me to ask him. To my surprise
he told me there is a difference. He explained that when he talks about "Ghosts" he is referring to lost souls and those in need of rescue or help to cross
to the spirit world, and "Spirit" refers to those who like himself are happily and safely already in the spirit world. I guess I will have to try and remember
the difference myself, thanks for asking!

Q. I noticed sometimes you say "Spectrum" is your Twin Flame/Principal Guide, and other times you call him "Johnny". Why is this?
A. Until a few years ago, because Spectrum`s incarnation of Johnny in this lifetime, was well known - especially here in Wales, we had agreed always
to keep his last earth identity secret and only use our Soul Names. But he has since decided he no longer wants to keep it secret, he says we are doing nothing wrong and we have no reason to hide the truth. He persuaded me that we should reveal all, including his last known earth identity. Therefore
these days also I call him Johnny and sometimes reveal his identity when he asks me to ( I also just call him "J" a lot!)

Q. Rainbow, Have you ever thought you might be holding Spectrum back?
A. Yes I have. I have also asked him many times if I was and he has given me a definate "No". He has told me that I am not holding him back. He has also said that if he wanted to, he could leave me and move on any time he wants, but he doesn`t want to, he will remain with me until we can be together and we will then move on together. I cannot and would not force him to stay with me. If he wished to leave, although it would devastate me to do so, I love him enough to let him go. But he doesn`t want to and I am happy knowing he is prepared to wait and happy to do so. He is a free spirit and is doing just as he wishes, I would never want anything else for him, he knows this. When he and I were communicating regularly but I hadn`t yet discovered our true spiritual path, he steered me into meeting someone and told me via a medium he wanted us to be together because he wanted me to be happy. I wrongly thought that meant he wanted to move on, so I thanked him and wished him well. Although we knew even then that we are Twin Flames, I didn`t want to stand in his way and felt he was ready to go until we meet again. I was upset of course, but only want what`s best for Spectrum, and what he would want for himself. I stopped communicating and tried to get on without him. I missed him terribly yet I always felt that he was still around, if only I was able to "tune in" like I can now!. Several years passed when suddenly the "urge" to move to Wales returned, only much stronger. Eventually we moved here and almost immediately I was receiving signs, visions and dreams from and of him, I started to "feel" him around, "hear" his voice, and recognised the wonderful warm loving spiritual energy that surrounded me, as him. I began to look into developing my own spiritual gifts, started training, and he came forward immediately. I told him I thought he had moved on and he told me I was mistaken, he would never leave me, we are eternal and belong together and that is what he is waiting for, however long it takes. He told me he had missed me and had been trying to get through to me for a long time. I apologised and he said he is going to remain with me as my guide for the rest of my life. We then made a solemn promise to each other never to lose touch again, no matter what- and we will keep that promise! I must add here that just because Spectrum is with me in spirit as Johnny (his incarnation in this lifetime), it doesn`t mean he is "Grounded" or "Earth Bound". He is a free spirit safely and happily settled into the spirit world. He walks by my side as my Twin Flame and guide,
is my spiritual partner and companion, but he is not trapped here with me, he is able to come and go between worlds. He is still doing what he wants and loves to do in the spirit world (Boxing and Rallying) as well as being here with/for me and his family- who he wants to point out he loves very much.
Also we have been "Tested" many times to see if our love for and loyalty to each other is strong enough to withstand outside pressures. A "scout" was sent to interfere and try to break our bond, but he was unsuccessful. He pretended to be Johnny and told me he no longer loves me and a lot of things I wouldn`t want to hear from him. Deep down inside I knew it wasn`t him, but he persevered with trying to sow seeds of doubt into my mind. When Johnny was finally able to come through to me I made him understand that I needed certain answers, and I needed to say something to him that he might or might not like, but there was no other way. I proceeded to tell him that I would rather be unhappy without him, than have him being unhappy with me, and asked him if he still loves me or not, to which he answered "Yes". I then asked him if he still wants to spend eternity with me and he said "Yes".
Again I asked him if he wants to move on and he said "No". I asked him if he had been aware of recent communication and he said "Yes", so I told him I didn`t believe it was, but was it him? and he said "No". I asked if he heard what I had said and he said "Yes", so I repeated it and said to him I must give him a choice, does he want to stay or go? to which he replied "Stay". I told him that I wouldn`t stand in his way, if he is certain he wants to stay I would be very happy, but if he really wanted to leave I love him enough to stand aside and let him. I told him that as we are Twin Flames we will eventually meet again and one day we will finally be together, but I only want this when he is ready, if he feels he needs more time he should tell me now. When we are finally reunited it will then be too late to change his mind, so if this is what he wants he should say so, and we can agree to part until we meet again. Likewise if he really wants to stay I need to know for sure, so I asked him again, "stay or go?", again he said "Stay".  I asked if he knew why I had to ask and he said "Yes", then I asked what had it all been about? and he said "Test". I asked him to explain and he said "It was a scout." I said "What was the test for?" and he said "Testing us". I asked "In what way?" and he said "Is our love true, is our bond unbreakable". I said "And?" to which he replied "We passed". I said "You mean it was to see if I love you enough to let you go if you wanted?", and he said "Yes, and if I love you enough to stay!". He also reminded me that it was him who contacted me from his side of life, not the other way around, and that he could leave at any time if he wanted, but he doesn`t want to!  I`m sorry my reply got so long but as you can see it`s a very important matter to me. I am not holding him back, I would never stand in his way, but I know he will never leave me. I have given him plenty of opportunity but he has made it quite clear he has no intention of moving on without me, and that makes me so proud and happy :-) But we would both like to thank you for your concern, we appreciate it.

Q. How would you describe the Twin Flame/Spiritual bond you two have?
A. Well, I was sitting here at the computer trying to find the right words to answer your question. I must admit I wanted the perfect description for the
perfect bond, but really the only thing I could come up with was just that, "Perfection". I was about to leave it a while to think about it before I reply,
but then Spectrum gave me the answer, so I will tell you what he said... "We have psychic broadband ... always connected!"
I couldn`t have put it better myself, in fact I like this answer so much I`m thinking of using it as our motto! :-) I know exactly what he means by this, we
are always connected in mind and spirit, lifetime after lifetime, eternally!. We often accidentally connect to each other without trying. It`s not always convenient, but we like to keep a small "window" open for only each other in case of an emergency, everything else gets "turned off" until required.
That shows how up to date he is, more so than me- I didn`t even have broadband on the computer at the time, lol!

Q. What is the funniest thing you two have ever heard or read, and why?
A. (Spectrum) Oh Man!!!... Aparently I go to visit **** (my final Boxing opponent) in spirit form, that`s news to me! LOL
A. (Rainbow) I heard a certain ex "Boxer" on TV once say "No-one has ever come back from defeat as often as I have"!
Lol, I`m sorry but I couldn`t resist thinking that maybe that`s because no-one ever got defeated as often as he did, lol, hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
(Not that being defeated is even something a Boxer would brag about lol... as for Johnny, I will brag for him that he is famously Undefeated! :-)

More Soon - if you have a question for us please get in touch!

I sometimes have questions for Spectrum that I feel only he can answer for me to understand properly.
Sometimes I feel it`s an important question that others might also be wondering. So I will add them here...

Q. You have been showing me "us" in past lives, we have visited "ourselves" and watched as "we" went about our business.
We were different except as we know, we always have the same eyes and "vibes" or "energy". You have been teaching me about
two past lives in particular and you have also "spoken" to me as "Paul", "Blue River" and others with glass divination, not Johnny
or Spectrum. Can you please tell me what happens to our past personalities when we come into a new life, and can we "separate" each personality to learn about them without "changing" who we are now"?

A. Each time we incarnate into a new life, we bring with us all our past personalities and they make up our new one. Each life carries certain lessons
and learning which we use in the next one. Think of each personality as being something like a brick. On it`s own it`s a brick, put it together and build a wall... this is how we connect each past personality into a new one, like a spiritual "wall". Yet each personality, like each brick, is still an individual in it`s own right, just part of something bigger- and each can be seperated in order to learn, without the wall crashing down.