Come "
Ghost Hunting" with our South Wales based team of Paranormal Investigators and Spiritual Mediums.

Experience the thrills & excitement as we visit some phenomenal haunted locations all over Wales.
Book the team for charity events or to investigate your haunted home, business or work place.
On-site or remote spirit rescue and clearance can also be arranged.

Our "No Nonsense" policy means
NO cheating, faking, hype, or disrespect to spirit or each other.
We pride ourselves in honesty and integrity and any occurring phenomena is genuine.
All our investigations and events are conducted under spiritual protection and guidance.

Check out the exciting events we may have coming up - and book your place/s if you wish.
We also run paranormal investigation workshops for budding investigators & new team members.
Why not read about our awesome Past Events too!

Before you book your place on any Thriller Nights Event, you should read and agree to our Terms & Conditions.
We have a strict code of conduct which is a requirement for all attendees, whether you are a member of the public, a Thriller Nights member
or even one of our team! Safety and security for yourself, our team members & other guests, the location and people living close by is of utmost
importance. We regret that failure to agree to our terms will result in refusal of entry. Disclaimer forms are given to all guests on arrival and must be signed
before we begin. Copies of our terms will be made available to read beforehand if required.  Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.


Please Note:

Our report photographs are temporarily disrupted due to our photo gallery host "" suddenly disappearing from the
internet. We are looking for an alternative gallery host and will place new links up as each album is complete.
Also we have had to move our web domain to a new website host recently which resulted in the whole lot being deleted, we are gradually
republishing all the pages at the new host but there are 100's of pages to be done - Please bear with us as it is a very time consuming job!
Thank you.

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Our  team are unpaid volunteers and our prices only just cover venue hire, insurance & equipment upkeep.
Our web hosting, printing, advertising etc is all extra expenses which are not covered by event proceeds.
We do not charge for private events, investigations & rescue/clearance services,
but a voluntary donation towards our costs and personal expenses is welcome, although totally optional.
If you would like to make a donation (however small, anything is appreciated) please use the button below.
Thank You.

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