If you are experiencing unwanted or disturbing spirit activity in your home, business or workplace, or feel you may have
a spirit attachment and wish to have me come and check it out and/or clear it for you, please get in touch.

My clearance services are FREE but I will have to ask that my costs are covered (fuel and anything I may need to bring,
leave with you or use - such as smudging sticks, spiritual holy water, sea salt, crystals, printed materials etc.
There may also be additional costs such as accommodation should I have to travel too far to be able to complete the journey
and clearance within the same day due to involving a long distance.

I have performed over 500 clearances since 2002,  with a 98% success rate overall (the remaining 2% are currently ongoing cases).
The majority of clearances will be successful within the first visit, although some may take longer or more attempts than others for various reasons.
It is rare to encounter stubborn or difficult to remove entities as the majority wish to be helped.

I will travel throughout Wales or surrounding areas, but please bear in mind the further I have to go, the more it will cost!
If you require me to travel a considerable distance, I will require fuel costs in advance upfront on booking. Please contact me
with your full address and postcode and I will calculate the fuel according to the mileage which is currently 45p per mile.
If you are in agreeance I will send you a PayPal invoice which you can pay with PayPal, e-cheque or card. I can also accept cheque but it will create delays due
to waiting for it to clear. Once Payment clears I will arrange a mutually convenient date and make arrangements to travel to you and do my job.
Please remember charges are NOT for my time or services, they are merely to cover my personal costs. It is unfortunate that I have to insist on charging anything at all, this is down to several people requesting my help in the past and then not being at the location as arranged when I arrived, therefore wasting my time and fuel.


Thank You

EMail:  ra1nb0w@tiscali.co.uk

Tel/Text:  07908 753399
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