I offer Soul Naming as one of my many services, and it has been said I am possibly the only Soul Name fascilitator in the UK.

Our soul names were given to us in the Spirit world at the creation of our souls, and will be our names each and every time
we return home to spirit. Our Earth name is only ours for one lifetime and will be different for each life we live.
As I explained elsewhere on my website, my Earth name is Karen and my soul name is Rainbow -
my beloved Twin Flame bears the soul name of Spectrum, which he is mostly known by now he is in the spirit realm.

Spectrum is able to connect with other spirit guides who hold the Akashic Records of their "guidee" to obtain their soul name.
This may be either a popular or seldom heard Earth name or word, or simply an unpronounceable collection of letters
which only produce a sound if you try to say it, rather than an actual name or word.

This service includes a beautiful certificate bearing the soul name, plus any related information that I can find out about it online
and through other sources. Most people are surprised to find their soul name or associated information relates well to themselves.

Spectrum can obtain soul names for individuals, or for something unique for groups, churches etc I can organise
a soul naming ceremony much like a group baptism except giving soul names instead of earth names,
which I can fascilitate through my capacity as ULC Ordained Spiritual Minister Rev. Karen Owens.
Each soul naming ceremony can accomodate up to 20 people, with a minimum requirement of 10 attendees.

It can take several days for each soul name to come through and for me to research information,
type it all out, print it, prepare the certificate and present it via first class recorded mail.
In the case of soul naming ceremonies, names of attendees will need to be received no later
than 2 months before the event to enable Spectrum and I to complete our task.

The cost for Soul Naming is
£50 each
(Plus venue hire and other costs for ceremonies such as my fuel and travel / accommodation expenses if applicable)

Payment must be made in advance and can be sent to PayPal at the EMail address below,
You can pay as a guest if you are not a PayPal member, using card or e-cheque.
I can also accept bank transfer or regular cheque, please contact me for details.

To book or enquire please get in touch.

Thank You


Tel/Text:  07908 753399

What our past clients have to say  
some feedback may need to be edited to remove sensitive information and the soul name, which is private & personal to the client.

Hi Karen

I received my Certificate this morning. Thank you SO much!

D******* is so spot on its not true - to the extent that when I went out to the USA, I was staying with a lovely lady who lived in D*** Point
(pronounded D******* Point)! SO beyond coincidence!

My Son has asked for his Soul Name (will pay for this in the next couple of weeks or so)
and don't be surprised if a flurry of people come your way, once I have told a few people! 
With love and blessings, 


(This soul name was ordered as a gift for a past client's son, see the first feedback)

Hi Karen
A****'s Certificate has just arrived - and once again I have been blown away with its accuracy -
I am sure he will be thrilled when he comes home from college.


(This soul name is moon related, moon is not the soul name itself) 

Excellent Soul Name! Got the certificate today, I am well happy the work you and spirit have done. 
The Moon is my birth planet so I was really happy with the connections with that. 
I have always been fascinated by the Moon, stars and planets since I was a young child. 
I also love the night time and being in dark places. 
I can also relate with a lot of the research you also did for me as well. A big thanks to you all


Wow! Thank you so much. I have long been searching for my soul name and have always felt mysteriously drawn to C***s, 
now I know why! I can't say I am surprised at the name but I am thrilled! You had no way of knowing so this makes it all very real and
authentic, great work!  N***


(This lady bought a Soul Name as a gift for her friend, the name came back relating to something we know as beautiful but fragile)

" Hi Karen, Certificate has arrived safely. I am sure T*** will love her soul name-
it certainly makes sense to me - she is so fragile and gentle."


Hi Karen,  I've just opened my Soul Name certificate and wow, this is my soul to a tee. It's 100% accurate. I'm amazed. 
Thank you so very much. Also a massive thank you to Spirit for their hard work too. Bless you all xxx


Hi Karen
Just wanted to thank you so much for my soul name. I am definately going to use the essence of it in my publicity. 
Thanks so much
Best wishes
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