Card Readings start with 5 cards but sometimes Spectrum will ask for more cards during the reading.
I have a selection of card decks for my client to choose from.
I can do card readings via EMail or One to One in my home or client's home or chosen location

Readings are
20 each on one to one basis or 15 by EMail
Group bookings (individual readings)
20 each up to 3 people, 15 each 3 or more people.

Readings normally take between 15 - 45 minutes each.
Unlike many other mediums I do not time my readings, spirit decide how long they need to be.

Whilst the readings are card based, being a spiritualist medium this will often result in contact of spirit
loved ones for my client. Most people are happy to hear from spirit as part of the reading, but some people are nervous
about the spirit side and so only wish for card readings. For this reason I will always check with my client before
I start to bring spirit communication forward during the reading.

NOTE: I cannot guarantee spirit will come forward during a reading and I cannot demand or "summon"
any particular spirit person to communicate. Please keep an open mind as to who may come forward,
it may not always be who you want or expect to hear from or may be someone you do not remember.
You are welcome to take notes or have someone else present who can do so during the reading.
Please be respectful to my spirit team and all who may come forward at all times during the reading,
it is not easy for them to make and maintain contact and the energy must remain positive in order
for them to be able to complete the reading, they will pull away if conditions are not right.

Thank you.

I will travel up to 20 miles from Neath for these prices, or further at 35p per additional mile fuel charge.

You can often find me doing readings at Fayres & other events throughout Wales.
Readings at Psychic Suppers & ticketed events are normally in the ticket price unless otherwise stated by the organiser.

To book or enquire please get in touch.


Thank You


Tel/Text:  07908 753399


I am always pleased to receive feedback on readings given and am very happy so many previous readings have been satisfactory.
I have been  encouraged by Spectrum to share some of the feedback I have received.
Here are some genuine comments received from people who I have read for in the past, used with permission.
I wish to thank everyone for the kind comments and permission to use them here :-)

If you have previously sent feedback and given me permission to use it and it isn`t included below,
please let me know. Due to recent and ongoing computer problems I have lost a lot of correspondence. 
many thanks :-)


Hi Karen,

Thanks for the quick reply!!

You have no idea how accurate that reading was! The cards definitely hit the nail on the head and then some. Now if only I could find out what my TRUE path is......

Thanks again,

Thank you so very much for this Angel reading. :) The first name you said was Sonya... my mothers name is Sonja. May I ask how you do this?
I've never really had a reading done before and this was terrific! You have so much talent.  I have written many poem (if you have the time, I'd like it if you
could check some of them out: I believe somehow that Angels are coming through to help me write. Do you think that is possible? This poem here... I'm not sure how this came about. It is called: Spirit, Spirit, Hear Me Cry. Once again, thank you so very much.
I've been waiting for the Angels to contact me, I'd really like to see one just to allow myself to feel good and proud of who I am.

Thank you very much for my reading.

I was surprised when Celeste showed up as last week I was offered two new jobs.


Dear Karen
Thank you so much for the reading.
I am going through a terrible time and sometimes don't know how to live or cope.
Your reading gave me a little hope. I am reading a lot about angels at the moment and pray they are with me. Thank you so much.
Love Doris

Thank you very much for this reading and thank you to the Angels also.
I have just acquired some angel cards and they were telling me more or less the same but Im in the early stages with this and don't always trust my gut as I should

Once again thank you
Take care stay safe


Dear Karen,

Thank you so much for your reading. It clarifies several things that I have had with changes in my life recently and gives me great guidance on how to progress with my new outlook on life.

Thank you again.
Best Wishes


I had a reading done at my home with Karen. It was absolutely amazing and spot on.
Loved ones came through and it really put me at ease and to get over difficult situations. I really do recommend Karen!

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