I have written a few books with the help of my beloved principal guide "Spectrum" and team, more may be written in the future.
The first book "Rainbows of Love" is a semi fictional spiritual romance.
The second book "Realm of Rainbows" is my story from when I first started communicating with spirit over 50 years ago and includes
experiences I have had along my spiritual journey. These two books are self published and are available either from my page at "Lulu"
or from Amazon which is slightly cheaper for UK customers (click on the book cover images below to go direct to the Amazon pages for the books.)

I also have a book of poetry and other written works by myself and my guides.
This book is available direct from myself at 4 a copy plus 1.50 P&P if applicable.
Payment is welcome via PayPal (log in and send payment to
Please don't forget to make sure you tell me what the payment is for, and supply correct address and contact details
so I can post your order and contact you if necessary. Thank You


Tel/Text:  07908 753399

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