I am Karen and I am an award winning Spiritual Medium, Minister & Healer based in South Wales (UK).
I have communicated with Spirit for over 50 years since I was a small child, starting with my Paternal Grandfather after he passed away.
I started working with Spirit when I was 19 after my Twin Flame passed away and became my principal spirit guide and protector.
After several years working privately which enabled me to further develop my spiritual gifts, I started working with my Twin Flame publicly,
and in 2009 "Utopia Spiritual Unity" was launched so I can help and teach others along the way with his guidance.

I work as platform medium in spiritual churches and centres, and I am also founder/president of
Utopia Spiritual Unity Churches in Glynneath and Neath, South Wales.

I do mediumship for charity events, psychic suppers, paranormal events etc, as well as organising such events myself.
You can often find me doing one to one readings, healing etc at various psychic fayres & similar events in and around Wales,
and I am a self published author with two books currently available and more planned for the future.

I am also known as "Rainbow" which is my Soul Name (the name spirit gave to me and told me is the name I am known as in
the spirit world). My Twin Flame's Soul Name is "Spectrum", and most of the time he is known by this name.
It has been said I am possibly the only soul name fascilitator in the UK,  providing a service obtaining soul names for other people.

I am available for one to one readings, group bookings, church services, healing and more.

To book or enquire please get in touch.


Thank You

EMail: ra1nb0w@tiscali.co.uk

Tel/Text:  07908 753399
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