Thriller Nights is different because we do not rely entirely on either spiritual or scientific methods, we believe there is a place for both and they work hand in hand.
Our honest "No Nonsense" reputation has led to us being recognised as one of the most popular and most respected groups in Wales.
We were nominated for "Best Paranormal Group" in the 2010 Welsh Spiritual Connections Awards after only 8 months of working as a team.
Although we didn`t actually win, we were told it was very close (even though we had missed the first few weeks of voting!) so this only goes to show
the wonderful support and appreciation we have from our guests and aquaintences, for which we thank you very much!
Our events have been extremely successful so far and are highly sought after and popular, with fantastic feedback from satisfied customers!
We work in love and light under spiritual protection & guidance and with total respect at all times. Our respect
towards spirit earns us mutual respect
spirit in return, with awesome results that other groups can only dream about! We do not expect spirit to perform for us, but offer them the opportunity to interract with us - and provide a variety of ways for them to do so. Spirit love the way we work and enjoy taking part in our events alongside members and guests ... but don`t just take our word for it, see for yourself!


Membership is only 15 a year per person.


Thriller Nights gives members the following advantages and benefits over non members:

* Event Priority
Members are notified of new events before details and places are made open to the public.
Our events are very popular, places sell quickly - sometimes before we get a chance to advertise to the public!
With this in mind we advise applying for membership, as non members often don`t get to hear of forthcoming events until it`s too late!

*  Cheaper Event Places -
Members get event places for 5 less than non member guests, which means membership could theoretically pay for itself in savings!
( NOTE: Member Discount is not applicable to Fundraising or Charity events, Thriller Nights run these events on behalf of the venue/charity and they are not our events!)

* Plus -
Laminated Membership Card, Vinyl Car Sticker & Flexible Fridge Magnet for each new member :
Greater access to the online forum :
Join the team - Only paid members get the chance to join the team ( with training if required ) when openings arise! 

  Join us today!


  Simply click "Subscribe" below to apply for membership via PayPal.
You can apply for up to four memberships (for yourself and up to three gift / family memberships)
If you require more than four please contact us.

Alternatively contact Karen to request an introduction letter and membership form.
Please keep the introduction letter, complete the form and send to Karen by email or post with cheque / postal order.
We can also take bank transfer - details will be supplied on request.

Thank You

We have a number of online resources, groups, forum etc


We look forward to welcoming you!