Thriller Nights was asked to conduct a private house investigation on February 1st 2014.
No group photo's were taken, the above image is only for effect and was not taken at the location, it is a family home
and private dwelling so we are not showing anything that might give the location away.
All we will say is that it is a large house and was built for gentry to live in.

On arrival we set up various activites and experiments, and one team member brought along her cctv setup which we placed on
the stairway and other rooms, using the children's playroom as the monitor room as it was in a central position in the house.
We took turns sitting to watch for any spirit activity on the monitor, several anomolies and unexplained movement were seen.

There were only a small group of team members plus the couple who's home it was, so we didn't split into smaller groups. 
For privacy purposes and this report we shall call the couple David and Sharon which are not their actual names.

The following report was taken from notes that were written down on the night.


Female spirit named Hilda, 31 years old, worked here, fair curly hair, she was a maid and is happy David and Sharon are in the house, she visits Sharon often, she was unwed and passed away in 1847. Her job was to look after the lady of the house and always had to go upstairs to do her job, which is why she likes to stay with Sharon now being the lady of the house.

The names Jessica and Kitty were also mentioned and that there were two other maids in the house with Hilda,
possible these were their names but it wasn't made clear during the communication.
One was Hilda's sister who was 15 when she died due to illness, they were very close.
This was the first time Hilda had communicated via mediumship, although it is thought previous occupiers of the house had
picked up on her as she said she had been told to leave by someone that used to live there after she had died.
There were family cats in the home who acted as if they could see spirit cats, Hilda said there were cats when she lived there.

A new energy came forward who said they were 14 and worked in the grounds with the gardener, didn't say whether male or
female but the gardener was called Steven who was 44 when he died due to illness, the year 1879 was mentioned,
and that he had a brother called Gordon who was 40, and that they came from Swansea.

The names Gwen and Sarah were mentioned but that they were not related to any of the others.
The surname Richards was also mentioned but not clear who it referred to, only that they worked in the mansion down the lane.
The gardener of the mansion was called William Owen, he had a cough and worked outside in all weathers.

Beagles and Horses for hunting were mentioned, the "Top" Beagle was called "Lady".
Riders who died from hunting accidents were mentioned.
Gamekeeper walks around the house, name of Albert, nicname "Jug".
Dogs were sensed and we were informed there were 5 spirit dogs around us.

Another male presence came through to speak to a team member, said his name was Huw but not related to her.
The rest of the conversation was private so not recorded.

Female aged 12, no name given, also likes to be with Sharon as she can't find her mother and Sharon reminds her of her mother.
She said Sharon has seen her in mirrors and corner of her eye, and she has talked to her.

No other notes were taken but there were a lot of experiences during the evening, the gamekeeper was seen passing the
windows as he walked around the house, K2 meter frequently flashed and illuminated, EMF meters very active, temperature changes, mood changes, noises, flashing lights, spirit affecting team members causing sudden embarrassing body functions,
sudden laughter followed by sudden silence from team members (twice), door curtains seen to move - no draught or anyone
near them, misty figure seen walking up stairs on the monitor at the same time as K2 and EMF meters went off.

All in all a great night, we were planning a return but sadly David and Sharon had to move soon afterwards.

Karen Owens

1st February 2014
Thriller Nights