Thriller Nights is proud to report an exciting successful fundraising investigation at Llangiwg Church which took place on 31st October 2011. The above photo is a different church until I can find my photo of the actual one we investigated.

This was advertised as a Halloween Mystery Location because we did not want to find ourselves being inundated with or annoyed
by loads of people turning up planning to spoil the evening, as has been known on occasions when a venue is named. Only team members were present and a couple of people from the church committee as it was an investigation on behalf of the venue and not
a public event, all team members donated towards the church funds. Although the building has been decomissioned and no longer serving as a church it was a fab night, lots of activity and information came through during various activities.

I had visited the church previously to do a hazard & safety check. During a walkabout my guide Spectrum wanted to take me all around the outside of the building, and guided me to touch the church walls and some trees and gravestones to see what I picked up from them. He guided me around a small area of the grounds telling me to make sure during the event it is clearly marked with a red glow stick for danger, it turned out to be a natural well which could be a serious hazard in the dark if someone caught a foot in it. As the toilet was in an outside kiosk he told me that hazards in the graveyard had to be noted and marked with red glow sticks, a safe route to be marked by green ones. When he got me to the end of the church he led me to a mound where there is a beautiful old yew tree. I thought he wanted me to touch the tree so i did, but he told me to turn around and face the opposite direction, when I did I noticed the nearest grave had the same name as his latest Earth incarnation, it wasn't his grave as his is in a different town, but he wanted me to see it (he likes to do things like that, he is very active and prominent in my life and work).

On the night we drove up in 2 cars having met at the place we have our team meetings, knowing it was a steep dark drive up the lane to the church and there is not a lot of parking available nearby - I drove first in my car and the other car followed, as no-one but myself knew where we were going being a mystery location, we met the two committe ladies on location. We did our opening and protection routine then a safety walk before having a short break. When we started the investigation it was not neccessary to split into groups as there were only a few of us and only the church to investigate inside & out, the following report is from notes taken on the night.


Lots of sounds whilst we were all sitting in silence for vigils

Lots of spirit drawings were done by mediums present, including someone with a horse, a celtic cross, a dog believed to be a greyhound or whippet, and a key

Orbs and flashing lights seen frequently in the church

Candle flames flickering and blowing out by themselves

The sound of creaking door, no-one at the door when we checked

Impression on a medium of someone ringing church bells

2 mediums picked up on a burial inside the church building, possibly a child

Several people at the same time felt like they were being watched from very close proximity

Lost of temperature and energy changes throughout the night

Shadows and figures seen in the altar area and in pews

Sound of whispering heard by a medium


We only went outside for a short while to do a midnight vigil in the graveyard, as it was very cold and raining heavily.

Some people felt sick and dizzy outside

One person felt like they had suffered a stroke on the left side (only impression, not literally)

One person felt someone tap them on the shoulder but no-one was near them

Two people felt they didn't want to stay outside so went back inside the church


If you were at this investigation and you want to add to the report please send your notes and/or photo's to Karen, thank you

Fundraising Investigation ~ 31st October 2011