Thriller Nights is proud to report a successful overnight private investigation at the Empire building in Neath,
on Friday 5th February 2010. This was an exciting one off & never to be repeated occasion and we were extremely
lucky to have been given the opportunity to visit the location, which sadly closed down on 14th February 2010.
We had very little time to plan the evening, but the staff, their guests and resident spirits were all wonderful and helped
to make it a very memorable occasion.

On Sunday 31st January Jason and Karen went for an initial visit to make some notes and get ideas for the investigation.
During the short space of time there, some incredible phenomena occurred such as a fan and a catering machine
switching on by themselves when nobody was anywhere near them. Karen felt drawn to one area of the bingo hall, and
when Jason took a photograph of the area there was something in it that can only be descibed as a ghostly figure!
Many orbs and light anomolies were also seen and photographed during the visit.

Staff and guests

Our Team

(The camera was on infrared which made our clothes appear purple)


5th February 2010