You can request healing after Church services in Glynneath, South Wales, and we also offer Distant or "Remote" Healing for those who cannot get to our church.
All Healing in church is FREE whether it is done in person or remotely (optional voluntary freewill donation to help us keep our doors open is welcome but not compulsory).
If you wish to receive healing in church simply ask after any service on Fridays at 7.30pm
Old People's Hall, Whitting Street, Glynneath SA11 5DH)

(Note: We sometimes have a group of healers and trainee probational healers, you may be offered healing by one of our trainees who need to complete a set amount
of time practising in church before they can become qualified. We would like to ask you to kindly consider allowing the trainee to do your healing session in order for them
to proceed with their training, myself and other qualified healers will be present to supervise and mentor the trainee to ensure your session goes smoothly.
If on the other hand you prefer a qualified experienced healer please just ask. If you wish to request healing in church, simply look for the people wearing our
Healer / Probational Healer Utopia logo badge - which identifies members of our trusted healing team!)  

There is also a "Healing Book" in church so you can add requests for distant healing for anyone, even yourself or pets, and we will ask our healing guides & angels to make sure the
healing energy is channelled and distributed to everyone on the list. Distant/Remote Healing is available to ANYONE in ANY location, distance is no barrier to the universal power and
energy of healing guides & angels! Please contact us if you wish us to send healing on your behalf, also feel free to send us any comments & testimonials which we are always very
grateful to receive, we like to know how we are doing in our quest to help Spirit to help You!

Alternatively our Founder/President offers a range of Healing services, please visit her Healing pages