I am a fully insured qualified healer with over 30 years experience.
I am registered with the Healer Practitioner Association International (H.P.A.I).

I have a healing room in my home so people can come to me for healing, or I can come to you.
I offer various types of Healing either in my healing room or I can travel to my client's homes or other locations.


The most popular type of healing which is when my Healing Guide known as "The Doc" channels healing energy to my clients via myself. The only time he
will place my hands on my client is to signal when he has finished with the session, which he will do by placing my hands gently and briefly on the shoulders.
However even though this means the session has been completed, the healing energy will continue to radiate throughout the body and find it's way
to everywhere it is needed for some time. Most clients notice an immediate relief or feel the energy of my healing guide whilst I am working.
Spiritual Healing can be done with the client either sitting on a chair or laying on the healing couch.
Spiritual Healing is
FREE and is also available in my church after services on Fridays, it takes between 10 - 30 minutes.


Similar to Spiritual Healing but instead of my healing guide channeling the energy through myself, it is done with the help of
my Healing Angel "Sapphira" and Archangel Raphael who is the Archangel of Healers.
It sometimes requires my hands to be gently placed on problematic areas such as knees, back, shoulders etc.
Angelic Healing can be done with the client either sitting on a chair or laying on the healing couch.
Angelic Healing is
FREE and takes between 10 - 30 minutes.


Trance healing requires more time and involves me working in Trance state in order for spirit and the angels to take over my hands, voice etc.
It can involve Psychic Surgery in which a spiritual operation is performed, (NO physical incisions, stitching, bleeding etc occur)
or just a more intense concentration of powerful healing energy is channeled to my client.
My hands will often be placed gently on problematic or "psychic surgery" areas during the healing session.
Trance Healing is usually done with the client laying on the healing couch.
Due to the time, energy and complexity of Trance Healing there is a charge of 35 for 30 - 60 minutes.


A brand new form of healing which is exclusive to Utopia Spiritual Unity and was divised by Spectrum and myself.
It is still in early development stages but is already proving to be popular.
Spectrum Utopian Healing involves the use of a unique Meditation / Visualisation technique, Crystals,
and the healing energies of Spectrum, The Doc, Saffira and Archangel Raphael working in unison through myself.
Crystals are cleansed and programmed for healing beforehand and clients get to keep the crystals used during their session/s.
Spectrum Utopian Healing is usually done with the client laying on the healing couch.
Due to the time, energy and complexity of Spectrum Utopian Healing there is a charge of 50 for  60 - 90 minutes.


Also known as Distance Healing and Absence Healing. This is a universal healing which can be channeled and sent to anyone,
anywhere and at any time. It is not limited just to Humans, it can be sent for Pets & other Animals, Places, Situations,
and The Earth herself, or in fact whatever may need healing being sent. To request Remote Healing simply get in touch
and let me know just the name and location or basic details of where healing is to be sent. I will not need to know the problem,
illness, personal details etc as Spirit already know this information and I do not have to know it myself.
I will channel my guides and angels and together we will send the healing energy to where it is required.
I will also place the details into the Healing Book in my church. Remote Healing is


I can work on the principals of Spiritual or Angelic Healing for Pets & Livestock.
The animal concerned MUST be used to people and be supervised by the owner or responsible person during the session. 

Animal Healing is FREE.

EMail:  ra1nb0w@tiscali.co.uk

Tel/Text:  07908 753399

Please Note: My healing room is unfortunately not suitable for people with severe mobility problems, as there are steps leading up to my house.
My room is specially equipped for healing and optimum comfort. Clients may either use the treatment couch or sit on a chair if preferred. With tranquil music and a host of crystals to energise the room it is the ideal setting for a relaxing healing session, if you can manage steps then it would be recommended. I can also come to you if preferred but I would have to ask for my fuel & any other expenses to be covered. With the exception of Spectrum Utopian Healing and Trance Healing there is no charge, but voluntary freewill donation is always welcome - although not compulsory. Healing is not a replacement for conventional medical treatment but can act as a complementary treatment alongside it. There is no guarantee or promise of a miracle cure but every client will receive healing where needed,
although in some cases more than one visit may be required. If you wish to book healing please contact me.