Thriller Nights is proud to announce a very successful first overnight fundraising event at Fleur-De-Lys Institute, Fleur-De-Lys, Blackwood, Gwent, affectionately known locally as "The `Stute",  which took place on Saturday September 11th 2010.

During an initial visit by myself, Andy & Joanne, it was obvious this interesting old building had several spirit occupants,
all of whom welcomed us into their domain as if they already knew our reason for being there was to help raise money
for renovation works, which the building is in desperate need of, and we knew we had their approval.
We felt a little sadness from one or two, but nothing of a negative nature.

Upon entering the building for the first time I became aware of an extra strong impression in my Solar Plexus (Gut Instinct Chakra), that I only ever get when I walk over the imprinted energy of past footsteps of my spirit guide, who is also my soulmate/twinflame. I didn`t know why he would have visited the building in his lifetime, as it was a coal miner`s/community club/bar and he wasn`t a miner, drinker or bar/club person, and he wasn`t local to the venue, but it was to become obvious
later on! As we were shown around the building we felt excited at having the opportunity to investigate and help raise funds
for much needed work. Each room had it`s own energy within, and we were buzzing with anticipation of things to come.
We felt very priviliged to be the first paranormal group ever to visit the venue, honoured in fact!

We were taken up a flight of stairs into a second bar room with a small stage in it. From there we were taken through a corridor and down a small flight of steps, which led to another flight of stairs going up that were dark, cold, steep and broken in places.
At the top we entered what had obviously been changing rooms and showers at some stage, and we were then led through a doorway into a large room. As I entered the door my guide had me facing to my left so I entered sideways facing the rear wall.
This room had tremendous energy within but was in a very poor state of repair with broken windows, collapsing ceiling, and
bare wooden flooring. There were loads of pigeons & doves who had taken up residence, which made a change from bats!
I had the feeling my guide was a bit sad and he told me that the room was once the hive of activity and shouldn`t have become  disused as it is now. I still didn`t know what his connection to it was as he kept me firmly facing the rear wall! Then he turned
me around to face the top wall and I nearly fainted when I saw it had a logo painted on it that identified it as a former Boxing Gym!
I knew then why he had connections to it, (he was a Champion Welsh Boxer in life) he then told me he sometimes came here
to spar with their members, and that his manager used to run the gym at one stage! He told me he would like to help
The `Stute be returned to safe and habitable condition so the community can again make good use of it! I knew then we were
not there by accident or a stroke of luck, there was a reason, and for that reason I too wanted to help if I could!

Our attention was drawn to some doors at the rear of the room, we went to take a look and it led to a stairway which led to the outside, it was a fire exit but was used aparently as a short cut in and out for the gym users. Andy and I knew there was a spirit
on the stairs, felt very young, sad and confused. He was nervous so we left him in peace.

We were then shown around other parts of the building, made some notes and decided on the best rooms to use for
particular activities during the event, and then arranged a suitable mutually convenient date to aim for.

On the night the team arrived at 6pm in order to set up and welcome our guests at 7.30pm. We had a timetable for four
groups of people, but sadly some were unable to make it, so we cut down to three groups. We did our introduction and
protection routines and then split our guests into their groups, then we had photographs taken.

After a short break we then went around in our groups for the first activities of the night ...




Fleur-De-Lys Institute
Fundraising Event
11th - 12th September 2010