Thriller Nights is pleased to report a successful overnight event at  Dolaucothi Gold Mines in Carmarthenshire
which took place on
Saturday October 16th 2010.

The team was not able to arrive before our guests due to time restrictions, so whilst some team members greeted our guests,
the rest of us set up the activities. We were delighted to have fab medium Leigh Gameson and his friends with us as guests for
this event, and I would like to thank Leigh for kindly doing the pre-event safety walk before we started. We were also delighted
to meet some new members and guests who were attending their first Thriller Nights event. Although we were pressed for
time and a little more rushed than normal, we began almost on time and had a great evening/morning!

We split into our three groups, Blue, Pink & Green.

Due to the time we decided to leave group photo`s and do them during breaks, so each group went to their first activity.
It was already pitch darkness before we arrived, so it was very atmospheric from the start!

My group was the Blue Group. We started in the Top Mine. From the beginning we were aware of spirit presence and some of
us received names and other information. I picked up on a spirit called Edwin and so did Angela. I also got the names Ed and Ned, possibly also connected with Edwin. Orbs are present in photographs, Light anomolies were seen and lots of noises were heard, some sounds were heard in response to asking spirit to interract with us. After our vigils in the top mine we started descending the steps and stopped off at the Big Cave. Again we heard sounds, saw light anomolies, photographed orbs etc.
One noise in particular was like a loud grating/dragging sound. I thought perhaps one of the groups below was doing table
tipping and like at Llanthony Secunda, the table was dragging rather than tipping. However, when we got back down the bottom
I mentioned it and no-one was table tipping or making such a noise. Later it was heard again and it was agreed it sounded like
the wagons on rails that were used in the mines when they were working. It may be that this noise is residual and imprinted into the mine walls, naturally replaying itself ... or it may have been paranormal activity, further investigation would be beneficial!

After a break during which we took the Blue and Pink group photo`s, we then went into the out buildings for multi activities.
We started in the Video Room with Glass Divination & Planchette, during which group members received personal messages
and Lee was introduced to his spirit guide. Orbs were photographed and names were given. Then we went to the classroom, whilst in there Angela sensed spirit watching through the door, she took a photo which has orbs outside the door!
We moved into the tearoom annexe where members used Mirror Scrying, Dowsing Rods, Pendulums and Angel Board,
with various degrees of success and interesting results.

Another break and Green Group photo`s were taken before all three groups went into the Workshop for the Seance.
We stood in a semi-circle (not enough room for a circle!) and held hands. Then we called out introducing ourselves and stood quietly in case of response. Several of us noticed temperature / energy changes and unexplained feelings & sensations.
There were noises in three different areas of the room, particularly around the table at the far end. Christine sensed a child spirit and when she spoke it was more like the voice of a child than her own. Several of us experienced our hands/arms being lifted
into the air. This has happened on previous events so it must be spirit/s with us as a group rather than present in the venue/s,
but it`s still fascinating and always gets the energy vibrations raised due to the laughter it produces!

There was another break and then we went into the Bottom Mine. We only got about half way, there is a spirit in there who doesn`t like people in the mine. My guide tells me it`s not out of malice, but out of concern, he had an accident in there and doesn`t want anyone else to do so. In particular he rarely lets anyone go beyond half way before he starts to make himself
known, throws stones, makes people feel unwelcome and even gets heard telling people to get out! I spoke to him and assured him we meant no harm or disrespect, that we work with respect and would abide by his wishes if he doesn`t want us there. Several of us felt he definately didn`t want us in there, so we made our apologies and left him in peace. We returned to the
Kitting Out Shed and sat around the table, linking in to spirit and receiving messages & information for people in the group.

After the final break everyone who was left returned to the Workshop for an EVP session (some people had to leave earlier
due to travel distance etc). We called out again introducing ourselves and asked spirit to interract with us.
There were a few noises in response and changes of temperateure / energy as before.

All too soon it was time to pack up and leave yet another fantastic location, we hope to return sometime!

My thanks to our guests and team for making this yet another wonderful event, despite the freezing cold temperature!
The groups were accompanied in the Top Mine and Big Cave by Andrea of the goldmines, who gave us some interesting information and pointed out fascinating things that we could have easily missed in the dark, like bats hanging in the mines,
air vents, beautiful growths on the mine walls, alternative exits etc. Thank you Andrea.

Group Reports Below!




Dolaucothi Gold Mines
16th - 17th October 2010