Thriller Nights is proud to report a successful overnight event at the Gower Hertitage Centre in Parkmill,
which took place on
Saturday September 25th 2010.

During an initial visit to do a safety walk and see which areas of the centre could be used for the various activities, Sandie and
I encountered several spirits who were interested in what we were doing, and what we were planning to do!

It was difficult deciding on rooms for activities because we felt almost every room / area had some sort of spiritual
presence, each with a story to tell. In the end it came down to which were the safest areas to take groups of people to in
the dark and possibly wet weather conditions, which ruled out areas with hazardous steps, floors etc.

On the night it was thankfully dry, but it did become cold. It was just as well that I had warned people of this beforehand,
so most had come equipped for cold / wet conditions. However the centre had left us a lovely patio heater to use during breaks, and some heating on in the areas we were to work in, I would like to thank them for this because it was more than welcome!

The team and I arrived early to set up the activities. Sandie and I also set up a secret trigger object in an area we were
not going to use due to very hazardous steps, lack of space and low headroom.

After everyone had arrived - with exception of 3 guests from my group who sadly didn`t make it, we split into our three groups,
Blue, Yellow and Red. I did the introduction and opening / protection routine then we had group photo`s done.

Afterwards each group went to do their first activity of the night. 

During our activities in the blue group we received several responses when asking for spiritual communication.
People in the group also saw moving orbs and figures. During breaks in the courtyard I saw a figure peeping at us from the
exit area, later I found out at least 3 other people had seen the same thing. Coming back from the Sťance at the Woollen Mill
I saw the top half of a man walking about by the classroom and pottery room, I was leading the groups back to the courtyard
and everyone was behind me, there was no-one in that area at the time! Andy had also encountered another man walking
behind the groups as we returned to the courtyard. In three of my photo`s taken in different places, there is a mis-shaped orb which looks extremely similar in shape etc, as if this spirit was following us around! It was a very interesting night with a fair
deal of activity... reports below!

Karen Owens




If anyone wishes to add report / photo`s please send to me for inclusion.
Thank you

25th - 26th September 2010
Karen, Lee, Helen, Christine, Vanessa
Angela, Sarah, Theresa, Ceri, Martin, Sandie, Marina, Andrew, Leanne

Rachel, Joanne, Andy, Paul, Sam, Stephen, Julie, Kath, Samantha