Thriller Nights is pleased to report the astounding success of our overnight event at
Carew Castle near Tenby, on Saturday June 19th 2010.

During two initial pre-event visits it was felt there were several spirits on site, and on the first visit Si‚n S and I
distinctly heard the sound of an ape screaching/calling out in the room which leads into the undercroft.
There is a resident spirit of a Barbary Ape which can be quite nasty at times. I do feel for this creature and wish he
could understand we wish him no harm or disrespect, but aparently all he knew of mankind in life was cruelty -
it was due to the treatment he received from his owner that made him mentally unstable & aggressive and ultimately turn on
his owner in the end, so I don`t blame him for being rather negative towards people he comes into contact with.

We took lots of notes and decided what parts of the venue we would be using for the various activities during the evening,
as well as the all important safety checks bringing many potential hazards to our attention.

On the night the team arrived early and eagerly set up the activities ready for the guests and spirits to enjoy.
We then welcomed the arrival of our guests before introducing the team. Afterwards we took a safety tour of the
Castle and then continued with our grounding & protection routine before starting the event.
We then split into three groups, Yellow, Orange & Blue, before moving on to our first activities. Sadly some of our guests
couldn`t make it on the night, so one of the groups didn`t have as many members. We did talk of swapping around to even it
out but decided to leave the groups as they were and see how things worked out during the event.

My group was the Yellow group. We started our activities with the outside vigils. We had the entire outside of the castle (within
the main perimeter walls) to walk around, visit different areas and call out asking spirit to communicate, use our psychic abilities, take photo`s etc. We were also able to incorporate the undercroft and another small room up some steps in the area opposite
the undercroft, because the other groups were working in other areas of the castle at the time.

We got some response to calling out ... sounds, clicks, taps, changes of temperature / atmosphere, energies being felt,
odd sensations & feeling of being touched or otherwise affected. There are a few orbs in photo`s despite it still being daylight
and flash not being required (that`s something for the skeptics to ponder over!)

During our time in the outside areas we were treated to a stunning sunset from one of the upstairs rooms...
the photographer in some of us couldn`t resist taking photo`s, but then sunsets are rather spiritual to me anyway!
I was not very impressed though when Si‚n S told me there were people walking around who were not taking part in our event.
The castle had been closed & locked off to the public and we had paid for exclusive use after 7pm for a private function. We had
all our belongings and food etc laid out in the lesser hall, plus equipment and activities set up in various parts of the castle. Had these people not been detected and damaged something in the castle we would most likely have been held responsible, also had they taken/damaged our belongings/equipment etc we would naturally have suspected each other of doing so. I spoke to the
people and tried to explain the castle is closed to the public and they should not have been inside, that we were having a private function and there were people working in other areas who should not be disturbed. One man said to me that he considered that
if we were inside - so can they be, and that they were only having fun! They then proceeded to wander around, disturbing the
group in the downstairs kitchen area as they did so. Luckily a member of the castle staff was working in the offices, so Si‚n S & Sandie went to report the "gatecrashers" and she came and asked them to leave, thankfully it didn`t spoil the evening for us.
I would like to apologise to the people in question for spoiling their fun, but as we had paid to be there officially and all our
property was left out and rightfully assumed to be safe, it didn`t seem right they had somehow gained entry. Plus as already mentioned, if they had damaged or stolen something we would have been the most likely suspects and possibly be refused 
to hold any more events, or ended up distrusting each other in future - which would not have been a very nice feeling!
I had tried to call our security personnel on the two way radio, but mine had mysteriously stopped working (in true Carew
Castle style!) and I needed to change it for another one during the next break.

After a break we then went into the Chapel for Multi Activities, we also had access to the adjacent rooms. Some of us took part
in the Angel & Spirit boards, Mirror Scrying, Pendulum and Dowsing Rod experiments with interesting results. Others walked around, asking spirit to communicate, taking photographs etc. I was very impressed when I took a photo showing Tina using one
of the boards which has an orb right next to her ... I then walked around for several minutes taking photo`s in the other rooms,
then took a similar photo of Tina that showed an orb in almost the exact same place as before ... skeptics say what you like
but "dust" doesn`t sit next to someone for several minutes!

We then took another break before we held a sťance in the lesser hall involving all three groups. During the Sťance we stood
in a circle holding hands throughout, several feet from the stage. We were treated to various noises in response to asking spirit
to make a sound or communicte with us, several people saw orbs and light anomolies, felt sensations & different emotions.
There were changes in temperature & atmosphere, mediums & sensitives received names & information and felt spirit energies. Some of us felt our hands being lifted up then lowered back down again, we had no control over it and it happened a few times. Perhaps the best bit though was after asking "Satan" the ape to come forward, there was a loud bang on the stage which
sounded just like someone or something had either jumped barefoot onto the stage from the floor, or down onto the stage from
a higher level, first landing on one foot, then the other. This was quickly followed by a sudden wave of cool draught wafting
around some of us! Understandably a few people who were standing with their back to the stage jumped and shot forward a
few feet immediately afterwards, but in true Thriller Nights professionalism there was no screaming or hysteria, just laughter and
an unbroken circle of linked hands, fabulous! We thanked Satan / spirit for providing this evidence for us then got back to
continuing our Sťance, with even more lights & orbs being seen and more sounds being heard, including a shuffling sound
coming from the stage behind a curtain - where we had earlier placed a banana for Satan with motion sensors as a trigger
object, which the guests knew nothing of!

Time for another break before moving on to our next activity of Planchette, Angel Board and Spirit Writing/Drawing in the
downstairs kitchen area. We also had access to the adjacent rooms. The Planchette didn`t produce any results but there was
some interesting Spirit Writing/Drawing and some personal communication for a group member on the Angel Board.
We went into the next room and held a small Sťance. Ant felt his left ear become very hot and it was visibly red to look at,
and Keith felt something drop onto his head from above. It was a very dry day and there were none of the typical Carew Castle
water droplets falling, and there were no nesting birds or anything else above him which could have caused this. Tracey felt
like something was tightening around her neck which was rather uncomfortable, I asked spirit to take it away for her and it was immediately removed! 

We took another break and then all three teams took part in an E.V.P session in the Undercroft. We started by talking amongst ourselves for a while, then we stopped talking and introduced ourselves one by one asking spirit to do something for us. Then we stood in silence for a few minutes. When we played the recording back there was some distinctive loud breathing which sounded very close to the microphone and had not been any of us. During the recording I held the microphone out into the centre of the
circle at arm`s length, no one was close enough to breathe directly into it or sound that clearly on playback! A very interesting
thing happened next, Angela, Joanne and a couple of other people heard a growling sound coming from the corner immediately behind me, but I didn`t hear it as I was concentrating on the recording I was playing back at the time!

Sadly that was the last activity of the evening. We had a short feedback session in the lesser hall before closing the event and thanking everyone for coming along and making it such a fabulous night. The team gathered all the equipment from around the castle and helped me take it to the car (thanks to you all) and then we made our journeys homeward, buzzing with the thrills and excitement about everything we had experienced throughout our time spent at Carew Castle this time around!

You can read the group reports and view event photographs from the following links.
If you were at the event and wish to add photo`s or your own content / report, please send to me for inclusion stating your
name and group. You don`t have to be a team member to add to the reports, guests are more than welcome to contribute.

Karen Owens




19th - 20th June 2010
Yellow Group, left to right Tracey, Ant, Keith, Karen, Sandie, Si‚n S, Angela & Tina

Orange Group, left to right Harley, Naomi, Joanne, Andy, Michelle, Darryn, Alix, Laura & Marina
Blue Group, left to right Rachel, Si‚n D, Syreeta, Mathew, Kim & Caron