Thriller Nights is pleased to report the overwhelming success of our overnight event at
Margam Castle near Port Talbot, on Saturday July 31st 2010.

I personally have done many overnight investigations at Margam Castle with other groups. This is my most favourite place
of all for personal / sentimental reasons and I have got to know the resident spirits quite well now. This is the first time
Thriller Nights has investigated the castle, so finally booking and planning the event was extremely exciting for me :-)

During two initial pre-event visits it was obvious several resident spirits were following us around. On the first visit
Sandie and I distinctly heard the sound of children playing in the bedrooms and other areas. I also met the spirit of a lady
who had been the family Nanny. I have met her there before, she is watching over the children - although these children
are not of the family who had owned Margam Castle, they just love to be there and she keeps them safe!

On the second visit Marina and I also encountered the children, and Marina had a personal experience with the spirit
of a castle maid. On both occasions I encountered Robert Scott, a gamekeeper who had been shot in the woods by a poacher.
Most people who "meet" Robert accuse him of being negative/evil... this is simply because he has such a strong energy and comes across as forceful sometimes, but he is lovely - treat him with respect and he will respect you back, treat him disrespectfully and you deserve what you get in return! Robert always accompanies me around the castle when I`m there and is very helpful, he gets on with my guide too and it`s nice to hear them chatting and encouraging other spirits to participate and interract with us! Robert can be easy to anger and I don`t blame him, the way I have heard some people talk to him is awful! He can be a trickster sometimes though. I have heard him convince people he is Christopher Rice Mansel Talbot, the owner of Margam Castle, but I know there are no Talbot family still resident in the castle! One of the children is called Emily, but she is not Emily Talbot. Emily was a woman when she crossed over, she hung around in spirit for a while but is not there now.  Emily was the last Talbot at the castle, physically and spiritually, my guide has told me she has finally gone to join her family! There is also a woman named Charlotte, but she is not Charlotte Talbot as some people have mistakingly thought in the past!

(Some people may disagree with me on this but I have had it proven to me by my guide and the things he has told me and shown me are 100%
correct, he has never been wrong in almost 30 years and I trust him completely, nothing and no-one will be able to convince me otherwise!
We have our reasons for this, it`s been confirmed to us by many other mediums who knew nothing about us or the situation, and in messages
given to us at Margam Castle itself during other events there and from our own mediums during this event.)

We took lots of notes on both occasions and decided what parts of the castle we would be using for the various activities
during the event, as well as the all important safety checks bringing many potential hazards to our attention.

At last July 31st finally dawned and I spent the day preparing everything with eager anticipation & excitement.
I loaded my car and went to collect our two other mediums, Rachel & Marina. We arrived at the castle around 5.35pm.
The team were due to arrive at 6pm to set up and prepare for the guests arriving from 7.30. On our arrival we met David,
our security man for the night, and unloaded all the equipment and food from the car. We took it all into the Library, where
we were setting up our base / break room. When the team arrived we put out all the equipment & activities and placed
light sticks as hazard warnings & no entry signs where neccessary for safety reasons. Whilst we were setting up, we placed a
light stick onto a piece of paper on a table under the stairs, as a trigger object. We were not going to use this area and were
not going to tell the guests about it until afterwards if anything happened with it. We drew around it and placed it between the motion sensors. Three times the motion sensor alarms went off and we had to reset them, no-one physical had been near them and it was a mystery why they kept going off, at one time it had even been moved out of the drawn outline! I asked my guide
and he said it was Robert. I asked Robert politely please not to play with them until we started, as it was holding us up from
setting up keep having to stop what we were doing to reset the motion sensors! David the security man thought the motion
sensors were faulty, but after I asked Robert to leave them alone he did so, in fact they were quiet the rest of the night and the
light stick didn`t move again until we collected it at the end! Our guests started arriving at 7.30 and we started at 8pm by
splitting up into our groups ( Blue, Pink & Green). Next I welcomed our guests and did a small intro and opened the event with
our grounding & protection routine, then we had group photo`s done on the fabulous grand staircase before the first activity.




If anyone would like to contribute report and/or photographs please send them to me for inclusion.
Please remember to tell me your name and group!
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31st July - 1st August 2010

     Blue Group - Karen O, Martin, Dawn, Jim, Elaine, Jackie, Tina, Sandie, Karen C
Pink Group -  Rachel, Joanne, Andy, Alix, Jason C, Bev, Michelle, Amy, Vanessa, Mandy

Green Group - Marina, Angela, Caron, Siān D, Michelle P, Carol, Kim, Julie, Paul