Thriller Nights is proud to report an exciting successful mystery location event  which took place on 31st October 2013.
This was an event with a difference as it was a follow up from a private investigation at the location, owing to the success of this it was decided to hold public events there - but the location is only revealed to guests because it is also a family home.

No group photo's were taken before or during the event and the number of guests was restricted so there was only one group working. The following report is taken from notes taken on the night.


On the Spirit Board - connection made with Johnathan (spelled this way by the spirit)
He latched on to a team member throughout the event
Another team member got a vision of an old hag and playing with eye balls
Varying temperature changes
Someone knocked on a window but no-one was there and it was an upstairs room
K2 Meter frequently lighting up or flashing
K2 Meter responded to statements, conversations and requests
Sound of someone giggling from direction where no-one was present
Flashes of light seen from outside window
Brand new Voice recorder battery drained


Team meber could smell Chocolate and Opal Fruits
Team member felt & sensed someone moving behind her but no-one there
Repeated sound of footsteps from outside the room but no-one there
Voices heard repeatedly
Growling heard repeatedly
Shadows seen in a mirror
Smell of rotting flesh
Someone had their hair flicked
Team members started talking to themselves uncontrollably
Knocking sounds
Whispering heard
Bang from outside the room
Cold spots
Moaning heard ( sounded like "ooooooooh" )
Team member being touched
Wailing heard
Shadow seen behind door
Draughts felt
Orbs seen
Someone blowing on back of team member's neck
Sudden uncontrollable laughter
Screeching heard from outside
Crunchy sounding footsteps
Brand new torch batteries died
Drum moved
Lights in window
Drum moved again on request
Team member got headache and uncomfortable feeling on an eye
Drum noises


Team members felt pressure on lower backs
Dogs heard
Team leader went into trance, spirit guides came through

After the event it was decided to do more events to continue where we left off so watch for further reports


31st October 2013
  Thriller Nights