Thriller Nights is honoured to have been booked to investigate Penrhiwceiber Hall near Mountain Ash,
and we had an exciting event
on friday 30th November 2012, 8pm - 3am.

This was a fund raising event by the venue, we were asked to conduct the event on their behalf.
Because we were not doing the bookings, upon arrival it took some time to arrange people into groups - normally
this will be done before the event to save time, but we had no names or even any knowledge how many people to actually
expect. There were a few complaints about the amount of time people had to wait but we have to put everyone into
groups for safety and security purposes. We were given a basic list of several guest names but more people turned up on
the night so it was impossible to allocate guests into groups until everyone had been admitted.
Eventually we were ready to begin and the three groups split up for the first activities.

As this was not our event we will not be naming attendees and there were no group photo's taken.

The following reports are taken from the team notes.


(Karen Owens & Victoria Leyshon plus 7 guests)

Before we started Victoria took a photo in the break room (main arena) and there were 4 orbs on the stage.

In the Kitchen the following information was gathered by asking questions using dowsing rods...

Any spirits present? (yes)
Do you work here? (yes)
Man or Woman? (no answer)
Both? (yes)
To the lady, were you a cook? (yes)
To the man, are you happy here? (no)
To the lady, are you happy here? (yes)
They both left the room at this point

Information obtained on the Angel Board ...

Man and Woman returned to the room
Man doesn't like children
Name of Gary

The two spirits kept coming in and out of the circle we formed
One male guest felt dizzy and sick
Karen & Victoria both had the male spirit place his hand on their back

In the Snooker Room ...

Lots of activity, spirit man playing Pool, personal messages for group members,
little girl spirit told us "the men in the van took my parents and told me to hide" and that her name was Sara, she was released
to move on and her parents came to collect her. Lots of orbs were seen with the naked eye.
Male spirit not happy at women being in the Snooker room.


(Sian Samuel & Sian Daniel plus 8 guests)

On the Balcony / Projection Room

Temperature fluctuations
Group member tapped on shoulder
several people expericed "cobwebs" on face ( a common feeling when spirit draw close)
Spirit grabbed someone's jumper
One group member saw something unexplained in the room
Faces seen by group members
Burning ears
Legs ice cold

In the Break Room / Main Arena,  Flashing lights seen by the balcony

Sian S was requested by a male spirit to go on the Angel Board
He told her he is a friend but she doesn't know him, that he had a message for her, he was 20 years old,
but he found it too difficult and couldn't write his message and pulled his energy away


(Derek Ballam & Leygh Vobe plus 8 guests)

No report available

30th November - 1st December 2012