Thriller Nights is proud to report an exciting successful outdoor team & members only mystery location event
which took place on 21st July 2012. This was an event with a difference as it was an attempt to connect with
Elementals & Nature Spirits, and we were not disappointed. We are not revealing the location due to the sensitive nature
of the place and because we do not want to encourage masses of attention from other groups who may not be as respectful
as we are. This is a decision taken by myself and was also requested by the spirit guides and other entities that were
contacted on the night. Being outdoors at night there were no notes taken, but this is a recap of some of the things we experienced...

This was just a short event lasting around 4 hours due to being cold and damp and that the location is not very big, so not much
else to do other than stay around the main area for the duration of the event...

On arrival we left our cars at a nearby car park and walked the short distance to the main area we were investigating, around 15-20 minute walk. It was still light enough to see the pathway so we could get there safely and set ourselves up ready to start working.
Once the night came it took a while for our eyes to get accustomed to the dark, we were in the middle of nowhere so apart from a pale glow from the moon somewhere above the clouds, the only light came from our torches and cameras. We were restricted for movement for safety purposes as there is a deep drop into a river below the path and many dangerous rocks and boulders which are trip hazards and slippery. There are also many tree roots and overhanging brances plus other hazards surrounding the area and along the path, the path itself is muddy and not always easy to walk on as it is just worn by walkers feet and not actually a proper constructed footpath. We each found a boulder to sit on and settled for the evening, getting up occasionally to warm up (even though it was July the weather made it cold). We took it in turns to call out and introduce ourselves, inviting Elementals & Nature Spirits to come forward. Many were sensed around us and seemed inquisitive but shy. We asked our guides to explain we meant no harm, had come with respect and would leave if they wanted us to.  My guide explained that we were welcome because we were treating the location and spirits with due respect. Eventually we started to get communication coming through and also orbs in our photographs. It is worth noting that we have carefully studied the photographs and have noticed these orbs were only present when we had asked the spirits to come forward and show themselves, if they were moisture, insects, dust etc they would be in all our photo's but they aren't.  My guide told me that one nature spirit wanted me to hold my hand out as she wanted to try to place her energy on or near my hand - one team member took the above photo's when I did as I was asked. After a little break we tried some Trance, one by one sitting down and allowing our guides and the nature spirits & elementals to come through and speak. Each of us had someone come through, some were "Elders" and were quite serious in their communication, others were very child like and cheeky but a great deal of fun to talk to. We were informed about three human spirits who were at the location having died from accidents, two during industrial times at the location and one from a fall into the river, these souls were released into the light and collected by loved ones. Our guides also spoke through us to the other people in attendance. All too soon it was time to end the event and go back to our cars, we thanked the elementals, nature spirits and guides and were informed we could come back whenever we wanted to and would be welcomed as we were on this night... maybe one day we will do another team & members event there! 

Team & Members Event ~ 21st July 2012