Thriller Nights is proud to report an exciting successful overnight event in
The Twelve Knights Restaurant / Hotel / Pub, Margam
which took place
on Saturday 20th October 2012.

The following report is taken from written notes from the event.

We had been asked by the landlady to conduct an investigation of the premises, mainly because previous paranormal teams
had been in and made matters worse than before and left behind a lot of negative and unwanted energies. We were to conduct our investigation in our way and clear the energies during the evening, which we did. It had been agreed to make it a public event rather than a private investigation because it is a public building, however although our founder was first called in regarding organising fayres in the building, the subject of paranormal investigations came up and we were asked to come in to help.

On the night upon arrival everyone went into the Brombil Suite where there was a Fish & Chip Supper prior to the event.
We had to wait for all the customers to leave the premises before we could set up any equipment and experiments,
there were a few complaints about the wait but there was little we could do about it, we set up as quickly as we could and
then split into two groups.


The names Fred, Len & Emily and also Bert and Aaron.

One guest made written notes of what was coming through to them clairvoyantly.
Brother / Brother In Law, Game Bird / Pheasant, No Joke, Here to look after you, Help him, Free Him, Lost, With Dad,
Try Please, Love, Pray, Huntsman, Welcome, Message, 35 Years Old, 1875, Albert, Charles, Lady, Elizabeth, 1831,
62 Years, Boy / Girl / Child, Thomas, Sarah.
It was hoped more information on these notes would surface during the event.

Our founder Karen was called into the cellars and also the male toilets after spirit negatively affected guests. It turned out
these spirits were fed up with paranormal events and had been thoroughly insulted, annoyed and upset by previous groups
and thought we were going to be the same. Karen managed to get through that we were there to help and they asked to be released into the light. Clearances were done and the spirits concerned were collected by loved ones and moved on.
Immediately the atmosphere and temperature in these areas changed and became a lot lighter, calmer & warmer.
Karen found 3 portals and closed them down so unwanted energies could no longer use them to come in through.


Spirit Board

Team member Sian S took notes assisted by guests for some parts.

Information: Dec 9, From Margam, Born during the king's reign, illness.

Zoe, died in 1890, stroked a guest's face twice.

Mizuki (Sian S's Japanese spirit guide) said Hi, everything is going well.


Guest 1 saw her grandfather's face
Guest 2 saw a man's face
Guest 3 saw a male face grinning at him
Team member Derek saw a man with a beard and bulging eyes


No communication with the planchette except that Zoe who had come forward earlier came through again, she had
nothing to say but was felt to stroke a guest's head, made her hair stand on end and stroked her leg.



Noises in response to being asked for a sign, people heard sighs, whistles and breathing in their ears,
people felt someone touch their heads and shoulders, spirit caused the circle to raise hands above their heads
one by one and down again in rhythmic action up and down, something that often happens during our seances.
Orbs and flashing lights were seen, someone saw a faqce at a window and a dog was heard to growl in the next room.

In all a very interesting evening and the aim to clear the negative energies was successfully completed,
we left the building in a much calmer happier state than when we had arrived.

20th October - 21st October 2012