Thriller Nights was pleased to be asked to accompany a medium I know and her group of students who were visiting Wales from England and staying in a nearby spiritual centre, to the beautiful and very active Craig-Y-Nos Castle. The plan was that she would conduct spiritual lessons and activities with her students, and then in the evening we would conduct a mini paranormal investigation with them. As it wasn't our event there were no group photographs or notes taken on the night, except later on when our team did some spirit art. We started in the Patti Theatre where we conducted the opening and protection routine and held some mini vigils. Orbs were seen and someone said they could hear faint singing coming from down the corridor outside. Knowing there were staff and other people in the building as we hadn't got it exclusively, we could not rule out it could have been one of the staff maybe singing innocently whilst they were working or a guest in their room. There was a lot of activity on the K2 and EMF Meters and I could feel the presence of a maid or servant lady in the Theatre.

After a short break we went to the cellars where we had set up Glass Divination. Several spirits came through but it was all personal communication for group members - although it can't be reported here, it was all confirmed as being correct and
proof to those who were still not 100% believers. Those who were not using the glass walked around the cellars picking up on different energies and learning how to connect with them. We spent around an hour in the cellars and then went for a break.

We then made our way upstairs to the derelict and unused part of the castle, where you are only allowed to go if on paranormal events. Up there you have the old wards for when the building was used as a hospital for TB. There are a couple of smaller rooms and in one is the resident spirit that certain TV crew/presenters insulted and made angry to the point he retaliated, and then got called evil and badly treated and disrespected for it. However, Spectrum and I have been to the castle many times and this spirit knows us well now, he trusts us and will interract with us and people we bring along to meet him. We went to sit in his room and at first the energy in the room was heavy and gloomy. Several people reported feeling sick, having headache, and scared of the spirit (we know his name but call him "B" in events for his privacy) - obviously some of these people had watched the TV show of the castle and had come in with that in mind and expected they were going to have a negative experience. It was up to Spectrum and I to prove otherwise, so Spectrum talked to B and explained most of these people (except our team) were new to paranormal investigating, and that they were here to learn with respect to him.  He calmed down and the energy changed immediately, it was obvious he had thought these new people might have been going to treat him as so many have done since the TV show was aired, it is so sad people believe what they see on the programme, and even worse go to the places they show and treat spirit in the same way, which is with total disrespect.  However as I stated B calmed down and Spectrum asked him to make his way around the group, he asked me to let them all know what was going to happen and that it was nothing to worry about. One by one everyone in the room felt B get close and touch them on the head or shoulder, and the energy/temperature around them change as he did so. No-one felt scared or threatened and we all talked to him as if he were one of us (which he was!) We thanked B for his co-operation and invited him to join in during the night, he was more than happy to do so.

In one of the wards the castle has set up a cctv monitor and it was turned on. We had a short break then decided to spend some time watching the monitor - we saw lots of orbs and light anomolies, and also a spirit cat coming up the stairs then disappearing at the top. It was noticed the group had people missing, so I went around the castle to find the others whilst my team were watching the cctv, it is our policy that people don't wander off during events for insurance, safety and security purposes. I thought they may have gone for a break or back to the cellars but they had actually left the building and gone back to the spiritual centre they were staying at down the road. This just left the team and a couple of hours spare as the event end time hadn't come yet, so we enjoyed our own mini investigation for the rest of the night.

After a break and a chat about what we could do now, we returned to the wards where besides the moniotor there were tables
set up for glass divination, so we sat for a while talking to the castle spirits and our own guides & loved ones. I have never experienced any negativity from spirit at Craig Y Nos, simply because I show them respect and make it a rule for anyone who is with me, and we get respect back from them! (this is so for all venues we visit). We returnned to the cellars and connected with spirit down there for a while then collected our glass divination equipment before returning to Patti Theatre.

In the theatre we had a short seance and then did some spirit art. Drawings included a scarecrow, someone with a horse, a church, a cart with a body on and flames. Information included the name Rarmer or Ranier, Jack or Jake, Calem, 9 year old John, 45 year old Bill Williams, 12 year old Janet, 3 year old James, Kaitlin or Katie Morgan, mention of the church in the drawing having a small grave inside (interesting that this was evidential information that came up when we investigated a church later in the year!) - my surname Owens was also written through three people, although it is unsure if they meant me or people I know in spirit, or if it was someone else in spirit who was trying to come through.

In all a very interesting night, hoping we will be able to have an event of our own there one day but it is so hard to get!

Craig-Y-Nos Castle
Special Event
16th - 17th September 2011

Thriller Nights