Thriller Nights is proud to report our second successful event at Fleur-De-Lys Institute near Blackwood
which took place on 22nd September 2012.

This is one of our exclusive venues which we are honoured to investigate and raise much needed funds for the venue.
On arrival we did our opening and protection routine and then took our guests on a safety tour of the building.
Then we had a short break before splitting into two groups and going to separate parts of the building for the first activities.
There was some great table tipping in the lounge during breaks, lots of orbs and flashing lights seen, sounds heard,
figure seen in the snooker room around the bar when all the group were working on the glass the other side of the room.

The following report is taken from group notes from the event.


Glass Divination in the Snooker Room

Female spirit, Margaret/Maggie, aged 65, wants to move on (released to the light)
Male spirit, Colin, just wants to watch, no further communication at this point
Spirit spelled the word "Christian" and then left the room, not sure if it's his name or for something else
Personal communication for group member Abi

William aged 16 years, 1525

Boy aged 3 years

Nicola aged 24 years

Female aged 44

DeeDee aged 26, year 1914, married, husband a soldier, died in child birth, baby passed as well

Albert aged 34, had children

Male aged 64

Girl aged 10 years

Olive, married, 3 children, 1957

Mention of a mining accident but no further info coming forward

Jane, 2 boys, John 79 Michael 70, both still alive

Soldier world war 1 aged 15, served 3 years, 1914, 1 sister 2 brothers, passed before him very young, illness, he was the eldest

Male, born here, passed 1950 aged 10, 1 brother 1 sister, favourite colour blue, pet dog and cat, fluff, tabby, liked football in school

Female married to Victor a Farrier, 5 children, aged 27, 1874

GUEST MEDIUM, communication during Seance, Snooker Room

Impressions of a couple

Name Richard, saying "Talk about her, not me"

Name of Stan/Stanley - Stan the Van man

medium told to mention Stanley Road School to Karen (School she went to was Stanley Road School!)

Impression of a car running into a wall, maybe not an accident

The words "Her hand on his heart"

Song, "Cry me a river"

Wedding reception held in a working mans club

Something happened to a man whilst driving - linked to above info?


Glass Divination in Snooker Room

Interestingly group 2 got a lot of the same information as group 1 had plus some more:

Young boy passed 1950 aged 10, born in Fleur De Lys, 1 brother 1 sister

10 year old girl, Mylane?

29 year old male died in mining accident, married, 3 children all still alive, passed in 1957

Male, Gillett Merfey? lived and worked locally but from Scotland, wife Jane, 2 boys John & Michael

Soldier ww1, served 3 years aged 15, 1 sister 2 brothers, married 5 years, lived in Gegib Street number 54

Someone born 1939 and died 1927

Glass Divination in upstairs bar

Female aged 27, born 1837, married to Victor a Farrier, 5 children

Planchette in the Lounge

Name of Mark, aged 82, passed 1908, fancied Angela, wanted to give her flowers, lived in Fleur De Lys, worked in a bakery

Multi Activity Upstairs Bar

2 miners Gillet & Eddie, Gillet died in 1952 at Brittania Colliery, accident underground, 4 miners died, married 2 children

Coedy/Cody? passed 1939, just visiting, no other communication

Private message for Doreen

Grandmother came through for one of the ladies in the group

Lots of private messages for group members


If you were at this event and wish to add to the report please send your notes and/or photo's to Karen, thank you

Fundraising Event - 22nd ~ 23rd September 2012