Thriller Nights is proud to report an exciting successful event at The Skirrid Inn near Abergavenny
which took place on 18th August 2012.

This is one of the most requested venues and we had a fully booked event within days of advertising it, with no missing guests on
the night at a 100% attendance. We started with a pre event meal in the restaurant, which had been set aside as our base room for the night so only those at the event were allowed in. After the meal, because we had to wait for customers to leave the building
before we could start, we took a walk down the road to the church and graveyard at 10pm. Immediately we were surrounded by stranded souls who wanted to be released into the light, Karen our founder asked everyone to stand in a circle but to avoid standng on graves whilst she called in her clearance guides and helped them to cross over - during the few minutes spent for the spirits who initially asked to be released, around 200 others came running into the circle from all directions also to be released, so the portal that Karen had created for them was fast flowing and flooded by lost souls from siege, massacre, disease and accidents, loads of them being women and children - but they all got through safely before Karen closed the portal. Immediately the atmosphere and temperature changed and became lighter and calmer than it had been previously. During the release the mysterious sudden breeze that Karen experiences during clearance work started just as the first spirit came into the circle, and ended just as suddenly after the last one went through the portal, this always happens during Karen's clearance work and is how she knows when it is taking place and when it has finished. Karen was then guided to place her hands on the church walls and bless the building which had seen
much suffering over the years. Besides bats flying around there were orbs, lights, figures, mists and movement seen and the sound
of buzzing around the church. Also whilst at the graveyard: Guests felt themselves being touched but no-one near them, Spirit stood between Karen and a guest, Beer scent was smelled, another spirit stood between team member Derek and his wife, Team member Michelle went into trance and brought forward a former vicar of the church, a figure was seen standing behind a headstone watching, team member went over to them and there was no-one there.  We walked around the church and graveyard until around 11pm
and then made our way back to the inn. There were still a few customers inside so we moved into the car park and beer garden
at the back of the inn.

Several spirit energies interracted with group members in the beer garden, some being led to walk to the end of the garden and others having the sudden urge to laugh and sing. Whilst in the garden Karen was approached by two male spirits who wanted to be released so she helped them to cross over. Then she was guided to her car in the car park, and noticed another male spirit sitting inside the car. He wanted to go for a ride as he had never been in a "horseless carriage" before - Karen explained the car was going nowhere until the next day as she was here all night, and invited him to join us for the evening saying she will let him come for a ride when she goes home. After a while he joined us and enjoyed the event, then he said he changed his mind about a ride and asked if he could be released as he was missing his wife. Karen released him and his wife came to collect him, everyone felt the emotion and some cried.
Team member Rachel connected with a previous landlord and was given the name Jim/James and 1880's. He was a big man with a big belly, very jolly but knew how to handle himself when needed. Not very tall. A female guest got the name Jack frequently and Peter to do with the church around the corner in the 1940's. Also a blonde lady called Judith and with a big dog. Not known if she was connected with the inn or not. Team member Michelle got that the building was once used as a courthouse and there had been mass hangings, murders were not uncommon, something about a tyrranical duke or lord and soldiers marching by, hangings inside and outside. A female guest got the name Sir Jeffrey and had the urge to play hangman on paper. Karen asked if they had researched the building and they said they hadn't, but what they had got was mainly correct information regarding court, hangings, Sir Jeffrey etc.

Finally the last customer left the inn and the building was handed over to us. The landlord left the building and no staff were present, our reputation has given us good standing with a lot of venues in this way and is it nice to be trusted. We split into two groups,
Blue and Orange. Although there were enough guests for more groups, the inn is not large enough for more than two groups at a
time without causing too much noise pollution and other disturbances. Whilst the team were setting up activcities and experiments guests were given paper and pen to see if they could get any automatic writing or spirit art. One had drawn a hangman's noose, 
and another drew a fireplace and a crown. There were several with multiple doodles all connected with the inn and it's history, guests had written "Help", "Rachel", "Look", "Stairs", 1888, "Go" (multiple times), "Watson", and "Home".

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18th ~ 19th August 2012