Thriller Nights is proud to report that we had a successful event at Ebbw Vale Institute
which took place on 18th February 2012.

Unfortunately we did not have anyone taking notes on this occasion, so the following is from experiences of my group on the night.  We split into three groups. When my group went into the office area upstairs it was apparent to me that there was a gentleman spirit who was not very happy with us being there. We were told off for entering his office without knocking and I mentioned that he seemed very "head master type", I was then informed that indeed the buiilding had been a school before and that it was the head master's office, and that he would have been like that, very stern and strict. However we decided to try and please him and so we left the room, closed the door, knocked and waited - I then had the sense he had asked us to enter, so we did and he was a lot more accepting of us then. He told us he wanted to move on so I called in my guides to help him cross over, the energy and atmosphere changed immediately afterwards. In the ladies toilets there was a young child hiding, it took some persuasion for her to come out and talk to us, she was hiding from the head master and she told me she wanted to come with us, she was picked up on by the other groups as well. During glass channelling activity in the small lounge we found out her name was Erin and the same information was given to the other groups. Also on glass channelling several group members got communication from loved ones and one lady "met" her spirit guide for the first time. In other rooms we had set up for mirror scrying and several people saw their faces changing in the mirrors. Many people captured orbs on photographs and people saw orbs, light anomolies and mists during the event. One lady felt a bit ill and then it was apparent that spirit was drawing close wanting to work in trance, I could not allow it as the lady had never been to any paranormal or spiritual events and had no knowledge or experience in working with spirit. I offered to allow trance with myself instead so there was a short trance demonstration during which we were informed the spirit in question was Erin's father looking for her, he had come to take her home to the spirit world, we called upon her and she came to him and happily went with him after a very emotional reunion.
Other groups had very similar experiences to us and in all it was a good night.

18th ~ 19th February 2012