Thriller Nights is pleased to report the overwhelming success of our overnight event at
Cefn Coed Colliery Museum near Neath, on Saturday April 17th 2010.

During two initial pre-event visits it was felt there were one or two spirits on site who were welcoming our interest, and wishing
to escort us around to show us their awesome location and keep us safe. We took some notes and decided what parts of the
venue we would be using for the various activities during the evening, as well as the all important safety and hazard checks.
Already we had good reason to believe this event was going to be very interesting indeed!

On the night the team arrived early and with eager anticipation set up the activities ready for the guests and spirits to enjoy.
We started with welcoming our guests before an introduction to the team. Afterwards we took a guided safety tour of the site
led by Heather of Cefn Coed Colliery Museum ( I wish to thank Heather for helping with this), then we returned to the break
room for grounding & protection routine before starting the event. We split into three groups, trying out a new idea of Spectrum`s to try and make it easier for all to remember which group is which. ( It has been noted by our past experiences with other organisations plus our own events, that by verbally numbering groups, people often forgot which group they were with. We are trying to be unique and different from other organisations and using our own ideas where possible. Spectrum recently suggested colour coding the groups and provide a corresponding flourescent bracelet to each group member so they can easily tell which group they are in, plus find their team mates in the dark! Cefn Coed was our first opportunity to try this idea, and it was a huge success!

Next it was time to take some group photo`s before having a short break. We thought it was a good idea to have them taken
at the old steam locomotive in the car park, as it actually bears the name of the venue. So we took a short walk to the car park
and lined up one group at a time in front of the locomotive. Luckily unlike on the first two pre-visits it had been a lovely day, so we
did not get wet or cold despite being outside, and it was still just about light enough to take photo`s outside. However it appears from the photo`s that we had more group members than we initially thought! ;-) We soon became aquainted with the resident Bat colony who were happily flitting about around our heads most of the night, and even accompanied some of us into the toilets!





For the duration of the event the Pink and Green groups were joined by Heather & Sharon of Cefn Coed Colliery Museum,
but they are sadly not in the group photographs.

After a break we started the event, each group went off to their first location for an hour to take part in various activities.
You can read each group`s report from the following links. If you were at the event and wish to add your own content
to your group`s report, please send to Karen for inclusion stating your name and group, thanks.




17th - 18th April 2010
Yellow Group, left to right Karen, Angela, Samantha, Siān S, Teresa, Sarah, Tanya & Ceri.
Pink Group, left to right Rachel, Tina, Mark, Syreeta, Mathew, Sandie, Nichola & Erica.
Green Group, left to right Michelle, Siān T, Darryn, Alix, Joanne & Andy.