Thriller Nights is proud to report that we had another successful event at Cefn Coed Colliery near Crynant
which took place on 23rd July 2011.

Upon arrival two of our mediums were aware that five spirits had followed us in from the street, it was apparent they were not connected with the colliery but had realised that we were able to communicate and help them. Three of them had died on the road that passes the colliery from accidents over the years, the other two had been resident nearby when they were alive.
They had come to us in order to be helped to cross over, so before we started the event the mediums gathered together privately, invited them to join us and helped them cross over to find their loved ones.

Then we split into groups and proceeded with the event. Unfortunately we had no-one taking notes this time, but I am going to write about things I know happened for my group.

In the engine shed three spirits came forward that had worked in the colliery, one of them had lost his life there. We were told off for not having proper protective clothing and helmets on. One of the spirits wanted me to work in trance, I suggested we did so when all three groups were together, he agreed, but didn't proceed with it later on when given the chance.  Lots of orbs and mists were seen and photographed during our time in the engine shed. 

In the room with the old tram once again the sound of the tram bell was heard several times, orbs, light anomolies, voices (whilst sitting in silence) and a cough were heard. Lots of communication for group members via the glass divination and angel boards.

In the underground mine we heard whistling and talking, saw orbs, lights and mists, and were again told off for not wearing helmets.

During break time discussion other groups had experienced much the same things as we did, and a lot of similar things happened during this visit as had been experienced the first event we did here. In all a very interesting night had by all.

23rd ~ 24th July 2011