Thriller Nights is proud to report our second successful overnight fundraising event at
Hafan-Y-Coed Spiritual Centre & Retreat, Abercrave, Brecon Beacons National Park
which took place on
December 18th 2011.

No group photo's available at present

We started with the opening and protection routine and a safety walk around the centre.
Then we split into three groups and went to our individual activities.
Break times were scheduled to hourly after each activity.

The following is taken from notes written during the evening.


Glass Divination

Al, N/D (initials?), Nia, Halwen

Besides this there was a lot of glass communication but it was personal for guests and team from loved ones and guides.


EVP in Africa Room

During the EVP activity spirit were asked to give signs and leave something on the recording if they can.
Tapping was heard in the room, Heads were touched, someone felt nauseous.
EVP had nothing on it except team and guests voices.

Glass Divination in Healing Room

Nan, Message for guest, Related to lady in red coat, Grounded spirit (released into the light).
A lot of personal communication for guests and team members.


Glass Divination in Healing Room

Lots of random letters whilst spirit found their way around the alphabet
Spirit invited to communicate
Glass moved towards a female guest
Spirit were asked is it a message for her? answer "Yes"

The notes contain information that I have concluded to be private so am not going to add it here,
Other than there is a foot note to say it was all accurate and a lot of personal questions have been answered

Group 3 did not make any notes

At the end of the event Karen was asked if she would stay behind and do a trance demonstration for the guests.
A few team members stayed also, spirit co-operated and there was a trance demonstration of around 45 minutes.
Karen's spirit guides answered questions and gave information.

Fundraising Event
18th - 19th December 2011