Thriller Nights is proud to report a fantastic overnight event at The New Griffin Hotel, Brynmawr, Gwent
which took place on Friday March 4th 2011.

On two previous visits to do the risk assessment and decide which rooms we were going to use, it was clear to Andy and
myself there were several spirits present, and that they were friendly and inquisitive. There was one in particular though who seemed distressed, and although he approached me each time, he was unable to communicate clearly. On the evening of the event I was on the way to collect our other medium Rachel, and became aware he was in my car with my main guide Spectrum and myself - and he stayed with us during the event. Later he managed to convey information gradually via Spectrum and we were able to understand better... more took place later on but it is not something I am willing to report on out of respect and
my ethical beliefs, as that it is personal and confidential to him.

Anyway the team arrived between 6 and 6.30pm to set up our activities and welcome our guests who arrived from 7.30.
We started with our introduction and protection routine, split into two groups - Yellow and Purple, then went into the Club Bar
to take group photo`s. 

It was our first event in this interesting building, and it was nice to have some new people joining us, as well as some who
have been with us before. We were also joined by staff members who seemed to enjoy the evening and were clearly quite surprised by some of the results of our activities! It was a pleasure having them with us. (Unfortunately the staff members
didn`t join us for the above photo`s)

My team was the Yellow group. We started in the Restaurant for Multi Activities. We split into two smaller groups interchanging between the two restaurant seating areas. Several group members received personal communication via angel / spirit boards, planchette and pendulums. Some guests felt temperature and energy changes and spirit touches during the activites.
Martin, one of our new team members who is an excellent medium, received the following information from spirit...

Toni / Tony, and something sounding like Pinastacchio.
Male, Late 30`s, tall, thin, dark, and the words impressive / impressions.
Ex wife, out through window, 1940`s, and the name "Harvey the Heavy".

In the second room there was a lot of communication via dowsing rods, and group members using the scrying mirror
saw changes taking place to their face/clothes/surroundings etc.

Angela stayed with the staff members and helped them using the angel/spirit boards etc. The following is taken from her notes:

" Darren used a pendulum and asked questions. Name beginning with C, at same time I heard the name Charles / Charlie.
Age between 10 and 20 years, died in the last 50 years. Connected to the building, family lived here also.
Darren and I felt dizzy / light headed in a corner of the room, there is an orb in a photo of the same area.
A female spirit who knows Charles / Charlie came through also. "

After a break we went into the Flat for Mini Vigils. Immediately we were aware of a spirit lady rushing past us and a little white
or light coloured dog. Several people were aware there was an "odd" sensation standing in the doorway between the lounge
and corridor, and some people felt sick or light headed in the doorway. Alyn felt pressure on the left side of his head and
Maryann felt her arm being tugged gently. After some experiments and deeper investigation we determined the door contains
a portal between the spirit and physical worlds. I, Maryann and Sharon could all smell "Playdoh" really strongly near the table area, but we couldn`t find any in the room. Shirley touched a cabinet and was impressed with the word "Riviera".
Angela got the name Marjorie, a blonde lady in her 30`s standing behind her and talking to her, she was upset. She also
picked up on two boys and the names Andrew & Daniel, brothers?. There was a sense of despair & sorrow. Angela noted temperature clashes, warm in the room generally but freezing cold in the centre. She also started to develop a headache.
Alyn felt despair in the room too. ( I feel Angela & Alyn were picking up on the energy of the spirit who was following Spectrum
and myself, it was in the lounge of the flat that he started to communicate and tell me about himself! Darren confirmed all I got
but as I said earlier I am not willing to report it.)

Martin received the following:

Something sounding like S Q / Essqueue
The name Sarah
A spirit who knows Darren, who says "Long time!" and the decade 1960`s
Dragon and Brewery ... brewery with a dragon logo?
Hammer & Syckle, young commonist?
Something sounding like Arnold / Aernold... and a stroke
The word or name Spears, surname? (Shiver!)
Private Detective, male, the word "Gumshoe"
The names Harold / Harry and Nora / Norah
Reference to October, the year 1966 and "The "C" word"... more specifically Stomach Cancer
The words "Shredded" and "Nobby"

Martin & Shirley jointly felt that someone had been diagnosed with cancer in the room and had left in a hurry.
Maryann felt body warmth beside her but no one was physically standing there at the time!

Following another break it was time for the group Sťance in the Club Bar. Both groups joined together and stood in a circle around a table containing our Sťance equipment (Portal, Trumpet and Bell on a hook) as well as a digital voice recorder.
We took turns calling out and introducing ourselves to spirit, asking them to come forward and communicate in some way.
There were temperature and energy fluctuations, slight knocks and the sound of breathing that didn`t seem to come from
anyone in the room. Some people felt spirit touches and there was a distinct breeze. At first it was thought to be coming from the fire exit at the back, but I placed my hand into the breeze and it wasn`t coming from anywhere in particular, it was just "there"
as a cold spot! It was also causing the bell to sway slightly on it`s hook. Orbs are present in photo`s taken during the Sťance.
I received further information from my spirit friend who was finding it easier to communicate as the night went on. Spectrum
told me this was because he finally found someone who he could communicate with, be listened to and receive help or support,
the more he told me the more it helped him become stronger, I was delighted to have been there for him.
We then tried a short Table Tipping session, there was some slight movement and vibration in the table but not much more.

We took another break and then went into the Cellar Bar for Table Tipping. Although there was some slight movement and vibration in the table as in the Club Bar earlier, not much more happened with the table. However there were definately spirit energies seen, heard and felt in the room by group members, and there are orbs in photo`s. I was drawn to the bar area and
a stool. I was impressed to place my hand on the stool and it immediately started to tip and move. I asked other group members
to join me so (A) it didn`t look like I was doing it and (B) I could video it! We got a nice little session eventually, with the stool!
During the time in the Cellar Bar Angela heard a spirit laughing and a spirit gentleman mention the country of Africa.

We took our final break before returning to the Restaurant for an EVP session with both groups. We sat and called out to
spirit, introducing ourselves and asking them to come forward. We sat in silence for a while, during which time people felt spirit
touches and heard tapping and floor creaks. My breathing became rapid & shallow and my nose started to itch, which are signs two of my other guides, Blue River & Ezekiel were drawing close to me. I received information regarding my spirit friend which pleased me and I was able to convey later to two other group members who assisted me with him during a break earlier on (details are not for public release!)

All too soon it was time to end the event, thank our guests, the spirits, our hosts and the team then clear away and leave!

It turned out to have been quite an eventful night, and the good news is we have since been granted Exclusive access to the building for Paranormal purposes, so if you want to investigate it, you`ll have to come with
Thriller Nights! :-)

Karen Owens

Please Note:

I am waiting for the report from the Purple group and will add it when I get it. If you were at the event and wish to add a guest or team member report
please feel free to send to me, also if you have any photo`s you are willing to share I would be very grateful... copyright info is always added!

4th - 5th March 2011
YELLOW GROUP -  Back L-R : Karen, Angela, Shirley, Martin, Sharon. Front: Maryann

PURPLE GROUP - BACK L-R: Stephen, Samantha, Syreeta, Rachel. Front L-R: Michael, Mathew, Elizabeth