Thriller Nights is proud to report our second successful overnight event at the fabulous Margam Castle near Port Talbot,
Saturday February 12th 2011.

We were extremely excited to be returning to this outstanding location, which is my personal favourite.

As always we started off by splitting into three groups, Yellow, Pink & Orange. We then welcomed guests and I did a little introduction to the team and protection routine, and then we took some group photographs. As with last time, it was too dark
to take the photo`s outside, so we took them on the grand staircase.

We then all went to our first activity. My group was the yellow group and we started in the Attic Rooms for EVP and Isolation activities. We had some people who were brand new to paranormal investigation, who were a little apprehensive and uncertain what to expect, some even not really sure if they believed in anything spiritual to begin with. By the time we finished our first activity they had been given some wonderful experiences by spirit that opened their eyes for them and made them want even more! I asked for two group members at a time to choose a team member to go with them into the far attic to sit in the dark for
a while. This is by far one of the most active rooms in the castle and something always happens in there! The first couple of people, Kelly & Michael, chose me to go with them. We sat and chatted then I asked if they could see, hear, feel or sense anything. They both said they felt there was something about one of the corners, so I explained that Robert, one of my spirit friends from the castle, was standing there, and that he would like to come forward and make himself known to them, with
their permission. They both agreed and Robert came out and made himself known. He started by standing next to them so they felt a chill and tingling sensation. Kelly said her legs felt like lead and something brushed her arm. Michael said he got a pain in
the neck and that it wasn`t something he was known to suffer with. I asked Robert politely to take it away and he did.
Then Kelly said the heaviness had gone to her arms and she got a sharp stabbing pain under her ribs. Again I asked Robert
nicely to take it away and he did so immediately. I explained he wasn`t intending to cause pain, but she must be sensitive and picking up on Robert`s pains which he would have experienced at the time of his death. During our time in the room there were also noises, footsteps, shadows (the most usual occurrance in that room) and changes in energy & temperature. Kelly and Michael both went into the room wanting some evidence and received it!

Next it was Lisa & Liz who also wanted me to go with them. We went and sat down and again Robert asked if he can come forward. Liz felt tingling and felt like her hair was brushed by something, and she got goose bumps. Lisa felt a breeze and
got cold legs. There was a knocking sound in the corner and we all felt a chill around the knees as the energy changed.
I spend both sessions explaining about Robert and talking to him as I normally do. He is greatly misunderstood, misjudged,
and misaccused of being nasty, but the truth is he is really nice and friendly- if you treat him with respect he will respond in
the same way!

Next other group and team members went into the room whilst we who had been in before stayed in the first attic, talking,
taking photo`s and inviting spirit to interract with us. During this time I realised that my yellow light stick bracelet (which we
use to identify team colours ) was missing, it wasn`t on my wrist or in my sleeve. Later I retraced my footsteps into the far
attic where I last saw it, it was nowhere to be seen. If it had dropped from my wrist it would be seen even in the pitch blackness.
I never did find it! Whilst I was looking for it, Robert called me over to the corner to speak to me. He said  "Thank you for
talking TO me, not AT me!" bless!

After a break we went into the Study for Multi Activities. We introduced a new activity which is using pendulums to read from a printed scan or photocopy of someone`s palm, to see if you can get answers to certain questions about the person who`s palm you read. Answers were to be given at the end of the event, and was just another fun activity, which people seemed to enjoy.
They also enjoyed taking part in using the pendulum & divination boards, mirror scrying, dowsing rods etc, as usual.

We took another break and then it was time for the group Sťance in the Dining Room. Not a lot happened during the Sťance,
except a few sounds, temperature & energy changes etc. So we decided to do some Table Tipping. There was some movement and vibration from the table, and it did rock slightly, but nothing significant.

After another break we went into the Bedrooms to do Glass Divination and Planchette. There was some personal communication for group members and some from spirits either connected with the castle, or connected to someone else connected to the castle!
You will find more from this on the yellow group report from the notes taken during the session!

We took another break and then had a feedback session and gave out answers to the Palm activity. A number of people got
some answers right and were really surprised at the results! All too soon it was time to close and go home!
We are back in Margam in November, I can`t wait!

Karen Owens





12th - 13th February 2011