Thriller Nights is proud to report the overwhelming success of our very first public event.
We started out in style with the stunning
Llanthony Secunda Manor on Saturday March 6th 2010.

Being our first public event we were lucky enough to have the company and support of two other teams
who we are friends with, to help our nervous newly trained investigators should the need arise.
I would like to thank the lovely people of
S.P.R.C and G.I.T for their help.

Those present were

THRILLER NIGHTS:  Siân S, Jason R, Rachel, Marina, Angela, Sandie, Syreeta, Siân D, Tina, Michelle and myself (Karen)
S.P.R.C:  Mark, Helen, Dan, Michelle, Mathew
G.I.T:  Jeannette, Peter, Helen, Steve, Jan
GUESTS: Tanya, Pauline, Martin, Hayley, Gemma, Helen, Sharon, Mal, Allison & Cynthia

Sadly some people had to leave before we got a chance to take group photo`s,
but the above show most of our team (top photo) and S.P.R.C team plus guests (bottom photo)

We started with an introduction and protection routine before dividing teams and guests into three groups.
After a short break we all split into our groups and went for our first individual activity.

Group 1
Siân S, Rachel, Marina, Michelle, Angela, Hayley, Gemma, Tanya, Helen, Sharon & myself.

We started with the multiple activities in the attic. Many spirit`s were forthcoming and wanting to communicate with us in many ways. Our mediums picked up on several names and information relating to them. Michelle befriended and comforted a little boy who was missing his mummy. Some people felt compelled to sit in silence and see what they could feel/sense/hear/see etc, and some decided to try out the various tools and equipment within the room (planchette, divination boards, pendulums, dowsing rods, angel board etc). Siân and Michelle were treated to communication with my guide Spectrum on the angel board, on which he decided to put Siân to the test with her Welsh language! (I must point out for those who don`t know, Spectrum is also my soulmate/twinflame. He often enjoys interraction with my children and they enjoy interraction with him too!) Several times people felt spirit energy in certain places, and on photographs taken subsequently there are orbs in them that confirm these feelings! Marina picked up on another young child who said he had been killed in the room. We are unsure if he meant a deliberate killing or accident, young children often can`t tell the difference. One of our guests picked up on a man with a right shoulder injury caused by an arrow. It hadn`t killed him but was a bad enough injury to cause permanent damage and weakness. He was wearing long boots, a long coat and a hat like Robin Hood`s style. He was about 5ft 8" - 5ft 9" and was standing by the fireplace.

After a break we then went into the upstairs kitchenette for the Planchette activity. Originally I wanted this room to be for Table Tilting, as when I had been to the manor before with another team, the table in this room had been phenomenal! But sadly the table was not the same one and the one it had been replaced with was unsuitable, so we used the planchette instead. However
it wasn`t disappointing because the planchette was pretty active, nothing significant had been spelled out but it drew a
pentagram (as did a planchette on my previous visit) and also went around in circles extremely fast and accurately.

Rachel picked up on a lot of information in the room, including a lady with a French connection called Josephine DuVenurie
who was 26 years old, and she had a gentleman with the initial B and her lady in waiting called Francine with her.

Other things which had been picked up on from the room were:

Illigitimate child born here but passed within hours.

George W - Nosey, needs to know everyone`s business.

Something to do with letters / writing.

Monk or priest but feels like a monk

initial M, visits a lot. Connection to clock making, keeper of time.

Initial J, died following wisdom tooth extraction, couldn`t stop bleeding & caught infection. Can see him coughing
up blood. He is telling the group to stop the chit chat as he wants to communicate.

Initials S & G.

Someone was shown a Tiger and was told it means protection.

Someone saw a flashing light by the window

Michelle got poked in the eye

Rachel heard a musical instrument, faint, like a Harp

Chanting could also be heard by Marina

The planchette fell to one side as the energy changed to a very strong energy

Lots of laughter

Someone heard "He is coming, quick, hide" and felt this was referring to a witch hunter

Initials A & O

( I took a photo in the kitchenette before we started, with Rachel linking in to energies in the room. In the photo are several
orbs, and some even appear to be "sitting" in the chairs around the table! We have the planchette circling on the paper
on video. If it comes out okay I will try to get it online soon.)

Then we went for a break before going up the main stairs to the great hall for a midnight seance, originally planned to include everyone, but one group were having so much activity in another part of the building so they preferred to stay there instead.
Those of us who remained (my group and the group with the S.P.R.C team) settled down around the table. I had left our spirit
portal and spirit trumpet on the table throughout the night in the hope they will encourage and increase spirit energy ready for
the seance. We weren`t disappointed because we had a lot of activity and things that happened to people. Several people felt itching (known as "cobwebs" and "feathering") on their faces which is a common sign of spirit presence, normally guides!
There was an overwhelming sense of peace for some people, while others felt apprehensive or anxious. Most people felt the temperature and energy change drastically, mostly freezing cold from the knees down, whilst one lady said she felt very warm
and comfortable. Someone was heard coming up the main stairs but no-one physical was there, a shadow was seen by the door curtain at the top of the main stairs and someone was seen walking through the door at the foot of the stairs to the bedrooms,
but again no-one physical was there. In photographs taken in response at the time there are orbs in exactly the right places!
I asked for spirit to make their presence known and a cool breeze was felt to be moving around the people sitting at the table. Some people felt like someone held their hand, and their hand was felt to be much colder than their other hand! Rachel picked
up on a spirit gentleman called Charles standing by the window, he had a connection with horses and the cavalry, then she got the names of Arthur, Edward & Llewllyn but felt these were seperate names. One lady felt hands on her shoulders and flashing lights were seen around the spirit trumpet and a camera on the table (which was switched off). One sitter was touched on their head and a spirit man of around 6ft tall was seen standing behind them. A spirit man was seen standing next to me and he was asking what we were all doing! There was the presence of a spirit couple, Mary and Harry. Harry was around 70 years of age
and had grey hair and was giving the impression of tightness in the chest. They appeared to be arguing and Mary told Harry
he is selfish
! Someone heard a baby crying in the room and felt the presence of a young woman of about 20 years of age.
Another spirit man called Matthew/Matthews who felt he was of some importance, was seen felt and heard by several people
and was making some of the ladies feel uncomfortable. As he came through someone heard a warning about a witch hunter
who was looking for two wiccan/herbalist sisters to duck them, saying "witch hunter coming". Soon after that Angela saw
felt and heard a man shouting in her face, but Rachel realised it was a case of mistaken identity because he thought she was
one of the sisters, he then calmed down and left Angela alone. Angela said he was not a happy spirit! I got something about a Callum or Alan (it wasn`t clear enough to tell exactly) and something about a nice new car! The temperature became cold on
one side of several people then the spirit of a man called Charles McKenzie came through who said he was lord of the manor,
he had two large dogs with him. Another member of the group picked up on a Joe Longthorne fan and others heard whistling
and saw a flash of light in the room. In all a very interesting and active seance session. Time for a break!   

After the break my group was scheduled to do some EVP and Mirror Scrying in the bedrooms. But I was still being drawn to do some table tilting, which we hadn`t scheduled because we had to change our plans at the last minute. The table we used in the entrance hall as a reception desk, was the same table I witnessed in the upstairs kitchenette (then an office) on a previous visit,
during an awesome table tilting session when the table was moving around the room without any physical influence. I asked the group if they would like to do a bit of table tilting before going up to the bedroom, and they liked the idea, so we made a little detour into the entrance hall first. I explained that there are spirits in the building who enjoy using the table, and that they like to hear lots of laughter, which helps build their energy. ( We proved that on the previous visit, when the group was quiet nothing happened, when they started laughing the table became extremely active! I have it on video but sadly as it was another group`s event, I can`t use the video`s for Thriller Nights.) Most of the group joined in around the table, others decided to watch and two team members were watching to make sure no-one was physically influencing the table, either deliberately or unknowingly. I explained that people around the table should place their fingers very lightly on the table, just to give off energy, there should
be no pressure or weight placed on the table. Marina used the video camera to capture the session. I invited the spirits who used the table previously to come forward and interract with us. Immediately the table began to tremble and very slightly sway, so I thanked the spirits and asked them to try and move the table more. After a little while of asking the table started to move more
and the group began to laugh, and so the energy built up and the table became even more active. The group started to sing but the spirits didn`t seem very impressed, it was laughter they wanted! After a little while the laughter built up along with the energy,
once that had happened the table began to move around in circles, changing direction occasionally. I asked it to try and tip or do something else, then it started to "run" across the room, and when we couldn`t go any further it went in the opposite direction, getting faster and stronger each time! Although the table didn`t actually tip, it was a phenomenal session and everyone enjoyed
it. No one had physically pushed pulled or otherwise influenced the table, it was all done by my spirit friends of Llanthony Secunda Manor... (Thank you friends!). ( I just want to point out that there has been some concern because the table is on wheels and may have been easy to manipulate. Although the table is on wheels, the wheels are actually very stiff and difficult to physically push. I was the one who took the table into the entrance hall to use, and even though it`s a tiled floor, I had to carry
the table into position because I couldn`t push it due to the wheels being stiff. I was watching people at the table, as were other group members, we are all satisfied no-one was physically manipulating the table as no-one was applying enough pressure to do so. I hope that helps to clarify the situation. I hope the video will come out and I will get it online soon. However as space was unfortunately limited in the hall Marina was unable to get much distance from the activity with the camera. )

After the table tilting we went up to the bedrooms to do the EVP and Mirror Scrying as originally scheduled. In the second bedroom the group felt isolated and cut off from the rest, there was an opressed and uneasy feeling and there was no communication from spirit in the room, although there was an impression of a man sitting at a desk facing out of the window writing. I have still got to go through the EVP recordings to see if anything has been picked up on it.
In the main bedroom it was a very different story. Rachel picked up on a Susannah who died in child birth, lots of blood, the
name of Catherine and a mistress in the room also came up. There was a dripping noise that travelled around the room and so was difficult to pinpoint, and also crinkling noises in one corner of the room. The temperature suddenly dropped significantly
and "millions" of orbs were seen including purple ones as well as lots of white. Very interesting!

After another break we then all got together in the main kitchen/lounge for our final activity, it`s amazing how fast the time goes when you`re having so much fun! When guests arrived we had given them all a raffle ticket, explaining it was for an activity later on. We drew as many tickets as time would allow, one at a time. The person holding that ticket could then choose one member
of the team to go to any part of the house (that we were allowed to use) for 10 minutes. The remainder of us then called out asking spirit to do something in the room they were in, touch them or otherwise affect them or the room, and they were then to report back on the walky talky radio if anything happens. Several times things seemed to be in synchronicity with what we asked for and what they reported back to us.  We then had a feedback session and group photos, there were too many to fit into one photo so we did one of the team and one of our guests. Thanks to Jason for supplying the camera and taking the guest photo
and Martin for helping out so Jason could be in the team photo.

There was one more thing to do before clearing up. When we were setting up the activities I decided to place a trigger object
with motion sensors in the main bedroom. Ideally it should have been in a locked off room with a camera but we didn`t have a room we could lock or a spare camera and it was just a spur of the moment decision. I placed a small plastic tumbler (like the ones we use for the A4 laminated divination boards) on a piece of paper and drew around it, leaving it on the dressing table.
When group 2 were in the room aparently the motion sensors went off without anyone near them. Later when collecting all the equipment from around the manor, we noticed the tumbler had been moved very slightly. We do realise that because the room wasn`t locked off we can`t categorically claim paranormal activity, but the sensors had only gone off once during the entire
event, and that was when there was no-one physically near them- so it`s still quite interesting!

All too soon it was time to go. Sadly as I said before some people had to leave earlier so they missed out on some
things, but we understand they had a long journey and some had to be up early on sunday. As long as they had a good
time with us and all got home safely that`s the main thing. I would just like to thank everyone for coming and again
thank the two guest teams for all their help, I appreciate it.

Karen Owens


Group 2
Jason, Syreeta, Jeannette, Peter, Helen, Steve, Jan, Mal, Allison & Pauline.


After a long drive we found the manor tucked away in a corner of a huge new housing estate. We all felt the sadness
of times gone by when this house would have been surrounded by trees and green fields, confirmed later by Steve‘s
guides and also historical evidence.
We had been asked to help out with a new group on this their first investigation involving the public. As we all entered
the house we felt most unwelcome by the spirits, so much so that Jan wanted to leave there and then and Steve felt sick
and uncomfortable until he told spirit that enough was enough and we were there to gather evidence and information we were
not here to ask them to play or perform. Jeannette being one of our mediums and a psychic artist felt compelled to draw a man (Thomas) she could sense standing at the top of the stairs in the hallway, she felt he was a worker or keeper of this place
and although he never said anything he was wary of all the people in his building, They then settled down and we spent a pleasant night being watched constantly.
After the preliminaries we were placed with Pauline, Jason and Syreeta and went of to the kitchenette area upstairs.
There was a writing planchette set up on a table and we were to ask spirit to use this tool, to write or draw something for us.
The whole team felt the room was empty so we decided before starting to join hands and  build up the energy and to put in
place a portal, which is believed to help enhance any energy within an area.  This encouraged a spirit gentleman with a
personal message for Pauline, who once he had passed on his message told Steve he would now move on for another spirit to enter. Syreeta and Jeannette both saw someone standing behind Jason, but no physical person was there. Draughts were
felt by people on legs and arms.  Jason’s hands are tingling, Steve’s guides tell him that the spirit are fed up of performing with
all these strange people who are unwelcome in their house. Not sure if they meant us or previous groups! Jeannette is slowly being pushed to the left and then gently back again, as she sways to the left Syreeta feels a cool draught on her right.
Everyone feels they want to sing Ring a ring a roses and the words Lucy locket keep coming in. We all feel as if we are in a amphitheatre all being watched. Steve asks for spirit to please use our collective energy to move the planchette firstly without
us placing our fingers on it (which has worked well in the past for us) and then with us placing an index lightly on the surround.
No activity at all so we return to the hub. It feels more active in here and Jeannette heads to the fireplace and the chimney.
As she looks up the chimney she clearly hears a little boy say “help me, let me go, I want my mummy”  it is a spirit boy
grounded and still searching for his pet cat and his mummy, we don’t hesitate to ask him to be guided to his mummy and
as he goes on his way his cat runs after him.
Jeannette is pacing back and forth and senses the energy of a man who is nervously awaiting the arrival of money.
Without this money he will lose the manor. The initials R and I are given.
Syreeta and Jeannette are drawn towards the kitchen area, Syreeta feels as if she is being strangled over by the window
and can see a man with dark hair and about 6’ tall. She asks Jeannette to see what she can feel and there is a definite
energy source possibly a vortex, also they both get a rich strong smell of hops. Jeannette knew what Syreeta had sensed
so they ask Steve in as he had no idea on what we had picked up. He immediately picks up the tall dark haired man and the
smell of hops as do others in the group.  It is felt the man was military and three ticks are being shown, a very upright man and
of the old school. The year 1843 is given. The name of Victor and also a sailing boat with the sails up. The kitchen layout feels totally wrong so must have had a lot of alterations done to it. 

10.30pm …… Double bedroom with single bed
in it.

We have been asked to do an EVP  experiment but this is impossible due to the noise of the group in the rooms above us.
There are large fireplaces in the room and the floors are only wooden so all the noise travels really easily. Steve immediately
gets the link of a man, again military but his jacket shows two rows of buttons as in one on each side of the lapels instead of
one single row down the middle. This mans parents were German and the date of 1925. The feeling this man was born in the
UK but at one point was forced to fight against us but never actually shot anyone.  A plane crash is shown to Steve the plane holding appx; 20 people. The plane was heading for Scotland. He has two sisters but they dies, they were twins. This
gentleman passed in 1989 unmarried. A place name sounding like La Maloudie (French) and his name sounding like a
very guttural German accent is something like. Eric Grunlich. His parents although German lived in France. Steve and
Syreeta both pick up on flint mines or quarries.
We suggest scrying but no one seems keen so Jeannette has a go … as she closes her eyes (only because she hates
looking in mirrors) most people see her face change constantly. Jeannette is a Trance Medium and this does seem to make scrying a lot easier for her. Pauline sees a mans face show up on Jeannette’s and he is wearing a brown suit an innkeeper.
She see the face now change to a younger mans. Steve sees an elderly ladies, aged 89 and he thinks she may try to make contact through Jeannette. To much noise brings Jeannette back but she settles back and it is not long before a young girls
face is seen and the name of Emily is given, then the words “but who cares” the girls transfigured her face onto Jeannette’s
and it is clear that her face is very sad, Steve tunes into her and she tells him “ life was all work and no play, she was used
and abused by the Major” but although she is here in the Manor she did not work here. She tells us “she wants to kill herself
as there is no point in living” The only thing to keep her going was a little white Westie type dog. She was never included in
any festivities and always had the hand me downs. She was just 14 years of age. She is not grounded here, just seeing an opportunity to tell her story. There is a lot of anger and bitterness and we all see the agitation building up on/in Jeannette
who’s hands are very restless and is now trying to talk. There is a loud noise unfortunately from above us and Jeannette is abruptly bought back she is visibly upset and is crying. All Jeannette remembers is a young energy entering her body until
she was bought back. The spirit moves away and Jeannette is checked out and all ok so we decide to return to the hub for a
well earned coffee. 
Since Saturday Jeannette has spoken to the young girl and listened to her story and the spirit is now at rest).

11.50pm and we are sitting in the lounge having a coffee when Jan jumps from her chair she feels as if someone has just
hurt her neck, on looking 3 large scratches have welled up. No one physical was standing that close to Jan in fact we were all going over what had happened in the room scrying. Jan has no finger nails and to make a point she is asked to duly try
scratching someone …. No marks appear. As she is talking another scratch appears on the side of her chin. We can offer no explanation for these. No Mediums could find an energy to tune into and no one else was scratched will remain a mystery. 

12.00 … Midnight Main bedroom with four poster bed (sadly not an original)…

A trigger object had been placed earlier in the evening on the dressing table, there were motion sensors either side of it  and
if we had known we could have placed a locked off camcorder (we always have more than one camera with us) but it was not mentioned which was a shame because as we gathered round the bed to conduct a séance the motion sensors went off. Now
we do have a theory on this … do motion sensors react to flash  lights going off from cameras? we will try and establish if this is so or not, because at the point of the alarm going off, two members were using flash photography. ..
Jan has  a pounding headache suddenly start. We gather round the bed and hold hands ready for a séance, Steve asks for protection for all of us before asking spirit to draw near. A little boy and girl are sensed. Syreeta says she is wearing an apron
has blonde hair and blue eyes. Steve gets she did not like being in the house because it was dark, she likes to be outside. A monk is sensed watching us form by the main door. Steve sense someone standing behind him, telling him and us to shut up. Jason’s arms are shaking and he feels very warm. Jeannette is cold and then Syreeta’s and Pauline’s arm start to shake. There
is a conflict of energies so Steve asks spirit to come in one at a time. They object to being called Spirit, Steve’s face changes to an older mans and Jeanette just feels angry!  An old pram and wooden chairs are seen. Then a black swastika with silver
edging. The words Justify  ….. An English gentleman.
Steve calls out again and asks for signs and we all receive cool draughts, touches on faces, arms and legs and a moan is heard. Jason sees someone standing behind Peter. Hands still  shake and then out of the blue Jeannette just says “arsehole” to Steve she is mortified and apologises  (not like her to say that sort of thing)! We call out again … silence. We ask spirit to just place
letters in our minds but all are very random … apple, Liverpool, Benjamin, Rachael curry. … very random!
A little spirit girl runs in, tickles Steve’s nose, she is blonde with pigtails name of Becky/Rebecca a hop skip and jump and she is gone.  There is no more response so we close the séance down 12.40am 

Coffee break….

1.00 am  …. Attic room

There are Ouija boards or also known as Angel boards set up here but Steve has bought his own board which he cleanses
and knows it is safe to use so we set this up on the coffee table.
Again before starting we replenish our protection and call out to ask spirit if they would like to come and join us.
We feel a little uncomfortable, but we know our protection is in place so we ask spirit to move the planchette to spell out
any messages they may have.  The planchette moves and spells out;
Hello my friend.
Norman (his name)
Elderly when passed, goes to YES to say he is linked with someone in the room. The planchette moves to Jeannette and
she does know a Norman now in spirit.
Tells us he passed 10 years ago ..true
We thank him for coming and ask if any other spirits would like to communicate. We have a slightly mischievous spirit as the words then spelt out are;
when asked who are they for the planchette shoots over to Steve.  We ask the spirit to leave the board/room and We renew protection and ask again for spirit to join us. A soft breeze is felt the planchette moves to spell out
And then a personal short message which we will keep private for its recipient.
The board is closed down at 1.20am

We return to the hub but no one else is there, and to us the building now seems flat and some of our team have a 3 1/2
hour drive home and also work in the morning we say our goodbyes to Pauline, Jason and Syreeta.

We had a pleasant night and would like to say a warm thank you for inviting us.

Jeannette Townsend


Group 3
Sandie, Tina, Siân D, Mark, Helen, Dan, Michelle, Mathew, Cynthia & Martin. 

Group 3 started with the EVP and Mirror Scrying in the bedrooms. This is taken from the written event report which
was noted by the group members throughout the evening. At 9.20 there was an energy sound in one of the corners.
Tina felt a sense of being lightly pushed. One member of the group felt light headed and Cynthia felt nauseus.
Martin saw 2 flashes of light across the sideboard and used the voice recorder as a pendulum and it was swinging, there was
a cold breeze passing between the sideboard and the wall. In one bedroom Cynthia asked for spirit and a male was sensed by the door and sideboard. There was also a sense of a man kneeling by the bed praying, and a woman by the bed with long dark hair, feeling that she died in childbirth (which was also picked up by group 1!) The baby lived. Cynthia had the impression of
someone writing left handed with a white quill, as if writing to inform of bad news. (could this be the writing man group 1 picked
up on?).Tina felt the pushing again by the window and there was a smell of flowers in the room yet there were no flowers.
One group member doing mirror scrying noticed their face changing, like a mask, could see the mouth and eyes changing.
Helen asked out loud and got the name of Sally who didn`t die in the manor. Then she asked for a change of temperature and
it went very cold then warm. There was also the presence of a very annoyed monk who was very "in your face" and was
storming back and forth in the corridor and sat on the bed as well, he was about middle age. By the single beds Mathew saw
a white light which went from left to right, Michelle felt someone nudging her and had really cold legs, she also felt cold spots
on the right hand side bed. It sounds as if group 3 had a really interesting night!

I don`t have any reports from group 3 about their experience with the multiple activities in the attic or
the planchette in the upstairs kitchenette. They were with my group for the seance and final activity so experienced the
same as us. If anyone who was in group 3 wishes to share experience or photo`s please send to me for inclusion, also
anyone else who was at this event who wishes to add report, comments, photo`s etc, please contact me :-)

Thank You.

Karen Owens


6th - 7th March 2010