Utopia Spiritual Unity

Trance & Physical Mediumship Circle

We are an independent spiritual organisation in South Wales,
founded by Spiritual Medium, Healer & Minister Karen Owens and her trusted Twin Flame / Spirit Guide "Spectrum".
Karen has over 50 years experience communicating with spirit and has been working with Spectrum over 35 years.

We are hoping to re-establish our popular trance & physical mediumship circle in the near future, so like minded individuals can meet,
help/support each other and carry out trance/physical mediumship activities etc, in a friendly, relaxed, fun and safe environment.

If you wish to join us, please contact Karen by phone, text or email (contact details below)
There will be a charge of around 5 each which covers room hire, refreshments and any printed materials etc.

Note: Trance & physical mediumship is not for beginners and our group will only be open to those who have already developed a working relationship
with their spirit guides, it will not be a development group but more of an advancement group for more experienced people.
The energy within the group must be kept positive and constant and It is important that the energy is not disrupted,
so group members will need to be dedicated and serious about trance and physical mediumship progression.
We will not be able to accept new members into the group once established or accomodate people who only come to group occasionally,
this is disruptive to the group energy and is not the required level of commitment for trance & physical work.
We reserve the right to politely ask members to leave the group should they prove unsuitable in any way.
(Spirit and we understand there will be occasions when people will not be able to come, but on the whole regular attendance is vital)
Please only apply to join if you are positive trance is for you and that you will be able to commit to regular attendance.
Remember also it can take several years before trance & physical groups start to see results from their work.  

Please feel free to contact us anytime for further information,
or why not join us at Facebook (link below)

Looking forward to meeting you

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