Mondays 7.15 pm, doors open 6.30 pm - 3 per person
Melyncryddan Community Centre, Crythan Road, Neath SA11 1SS

Fridays 7.30 pm, doors open 6.30 pm - 2.50 per person
OAP Hall, Whitting Street, Glynneath SA11 5DH

Prices include Refreshments.
Free Healing is available afterwards in Glynneath.
(Sorry, due to time restrictions in Neath we are unable to offer on-site Healing, only Absent Healing via Healing Book)

Contact Karen  (President) - 07908 753399      E~Mail:

(Please Note: Our Neath church opens on Monday 3rd April 2017, please don't turn up at the venue for us before that date, thank you)


Neath services in Purple text, Glynneath services in Blue text

March 3rd Karen Owens
March 10th Pat Howells
March 17th Gareth Phillips
March 24th Linda Crozier
March 31st Yasmin Thomas
April 3rd Marlene Abercrombie
April 7th Kim & Bernard
April 10th Kim Crystal Davies
April 14th Jim & Gwen O'Brien
April 17th TBA
April 21st Angela Porter
April 24th Kayleigh Davies
April 28th Sharne McGrath
May 1st Karen Owens
May 5th Susan Moss
May 8th TBA
May 12th Darren Hembrow
May 15th TBA
May 19th TBC
May 22nd Darren Hembrow
May 26th Karen Owens
May 29th TBA
June 2nd Gerry Hooper
June 5th TBA
June 9th TBA
June 12th TBA
June 16th Ben & Ellie Robertson
June 19th TBA
June 20th Marlene Abercrombie
June 26th TBA
June 30th Pat Howells

More Soon


Please be considerate to local residents and park in the lane that is situated almost opposite the hall if possible (Glynneath),
also please leave quietly afterwards so not to disturb the peace or awaken those who may be sleeping in the area.

Guest Medium/s may change at last minute to those advertised due to circumstances beyond control.
In this situation we will endeavour to find a replacement if time permits, or failing that our resident medium/s will work the platform.

Please remember our churches are run by volunteers who gladly give their own time to help Spirit to help You.
This includes our resident healers who give their services for
FREE, Thank you.
We do not charge for healing, but if you wish to leave us a donation towards church expenses it would be gratefully received.



Due to new legislation in place, by law we have to state that Spiritual Services, Demonstrations etc within our Church
are for Entertainment Purposes only and all Readings, Healing etc are Experimental in nature.

It is the responsibility of those in receipt of readings to verify or seek validation of authenticity for any information given.

We ask that all mobile telephones are either switched off or put onto silent mode until after the service so not to disrupt the proceedings. Please also refrain from making calls, texting etc during the service.
Should our medium come to you please speak up clearly in response, this is so the energy and link between the medium and your communicator remains strong and unbroken.
If you receive a message please refrain from discussing it with friends & family until afterwards, so the next person can hear their message clearly
(although it is ok to ask validation from someone with you whilst you are receiving communication).

Spirit, like living people, have free will. Communication cannot be guaranteed, nor can mediums request or demand communication from any particular spirit.
Please keep an open mind and don't always think of immediate family - you might hear from someone you are not expecting, have forgotten about, is not related, or you are not yet aware of such as a Guide!
We also cannot guarantee that everyone present in church will receive a message, we aplogise for any disappointment this may cause.

Communication from the world of spirit is not as easy as it may appear to be, it takes a lot of work and effort from both spirit and mediums to convey messages!

You have the right to decline communication from someone in spirit you prefer not to hear from, but we do hope you will give them your time and consideration.
They have made a lot of effort to talk to you and may have something important to say, and they always come with love and good reason! 
Visitors are free to leave the church at any time should it be neccessary, but if you must leave please do so quietly and respectfully towards spirit, the medium and others in the congregation,
preferably between messages if possible. This also applies for toilet use during the service.

May we also please ask that visitors refrain from entering the kitchen area when our volunteers are trying to prepare teas & coffees. When there are a lot of people in the kitchen at the same time it is a safety hazard
and we have often had scalded hands as a result. Please bear with us whilst refreshments are being made and brought into the hall, timescale for this will differ according to how many people are present.

Thank You for your kind co-operation.