Our two independant Spiritual Churches are part of Utopia Spiritual Unity.  We are not tied or affiliated to any other organisations,
rules or governing bodies (except our Healers who are qualified and insured members of Healing organisations.)
Spirit is in charge of how they are run and they have no desire for committees & red tape and the negativity this can cause.

We hold our Friday services in a room above Glynneath Rugby Club, where you are sure of a warm welcome by us & our
Spirit friends and an enjoyable evening. Please note our policy is no alcoholic beverages to be brought into or consumed in either
of our churches. Glynneath church is above a bar but we reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone under the influence of alcohol for safety reasons and integrity of the church and members. The Rugby Club is a new venue for Glynneath and despite rumours the
church has NOT closed down! Our Neath church is held in a large hall in Melyn that looks like an old chapel on the outside.

We are family friendly - children are welcome as long as they are able to sit well through the service. In fact everyone is welcome,
we are non denominational, non discriminational, non judgemental and have no prejudices, we are pleased to meet anyone who
wishes to come through the doors. Sorry but we are now able to accomodate wheelchair users in Neath only due to stairs at the
new Glynneath venue. The Neath hall has disabled ramps to the door for easy wheelchair access and disabled toilet.

The only rules Spirit have asked us to comply with are: 

Respect Spirit and each other
Open Minded and Positive
Enjoy yourself, Have Fun!
Sing popular
Songs, not Hymns
Treat everyone as Equals

Being open minded and positive, having fun and laughter, and nice songs to sing along to build the right energy for Spirit to work with.
Spirit requested for us not to use hymns like some churches, because they can be depressing and even remind people of loved
ones funerals etc - they don't want to upset anyone in our church, but of course they understand there may be a few tears shed
now and then - and there are tissues and plenty of understanding support on offer when there are!

Where possible we select songs that have a spiritual meaning or message, although sadly these are few and far between.
So we also have songs that may be classed as love songs by some people, but we all love our Spirit family & friends, and they love
us, right? therefore these songs could be messages from them to us or vice versa, so we feel more churches should sing them! 

Tea, Coffee, Squash, Cake, Biscuits etc are included in the entry price. Visitors may bring their own
non alcoholic refreshments to consume if required. There is No Smoking or Vaping in the halls, this must be done outside.

Our visiting and resident mediums are varied, some may be well known or professional mediums, some may be newly developed
and some may be still learning. We believe everyone on the mediumship path should be given equal opportunity to work on our platform. This is how new mediums grow and further their abilities, they will be the mediums of the future when others are no longer physically around, so we like to help them on their journey. Sometimes we hold "Fledglings" services especially for new and trainee mediums to spread their wings. Occasionally we hold "Open Platform" where anyone who wants to get up and give a message or two, or at least try - or just experience standing on platform, whether professional or beginner, can do so.

We welcome enquiries from platform mediums with regard to working in our churches, and we are currently booking for 2017.

Services are also varied. Mainly they are Clairvoyant / Clairaudient in nature (medium communicating directly with Spirit via
seeing or hearing), but sometimes services will consist of or include Psychic Art or Psychometry (Reading from Jewellery /Flowers/ Ribbons / Photographs etc). Usually we have one medium, but sometimes there are two or more working together.

Guest Medium/s may change at last minute to those advertised due to circumstances beyond control. In this situation we will
endeavour to find a replacement if time permits, or failing that medium/s from the audience and/or our founder Karen will work.

Free Healing is available in Glynneath, just ask! Sorry due to time restrictions we cannot offer healing in Neath.
We have a Healing Book for absent healing requests, and candles available to light for loved ones/healing in both churches.

People who come to us for the first time soon feel at home, most become regular members of our congregation because they liked
it here that much. Even working mediums like it so much they too are now regular congegation members as well!
We have a lot of positive feedback because our little churches have all the right energies and fun, friendly, family atmosphere -
whilst still having utmost respect for Spirit and each other

Our churches are run entirely by volunteers who gladly give their own time to help Spirit to help You.
This includes healers who give their services for
FREE. This enables us to keep our prices as low as possible.
Entry fees etc help us pay for rent, refreshments, medium's fee/s, candles, printing and other costs we incur running the churches. Raffle & special event proceeds pay for raffle prizes & tickets, any additional funds are used to help us pay for any equipment we
may require (such as cups, urns, cd player etc should ours break.) Donations are split to help with all of this if required,
and to help us eventually obtain our own hall or centre someday, which is our hope and Spirit's desire!

We are always grateful for any help, whether it is setting up before services, clearing away afterwards, making tea & coffee,
playing the music, doing healing (qualified insured healers only), welcoming and taking entrance fees as people arrive,
finding mediums who can do services for us or even chairing occasionally.
Sometimes we may even require one or two people to run the church for an evening.

Currently we are looking for qualified & insured Healers and help with general setting up etc.
Please contact Karen if you would like to help.   07908 753399  -  ra1nb0w@tiscali.co.uk.co.uk

We do not charge for healing, but if you wish to leave us a donation towards church expenses it would be gratefully received
and put to good use. Thank you.



Due to new law legislation in place, we have been advised to state that Spiritual Services, Demonstrations etc within our Churches
are classed as for Entertainment Purposes only and all Readings, Healing etc are Experimental in nature.