We are a group of like minded people based in South Wales, UK, who are disheartened and disappointed by some other groups who have resorted to
faking, cheating, hype, mass hysteria and disrespect towards spirit, venues and each other, in order to gain publicity.
This is a very unprofessional way to behave and is in our view unacceptable.

Thriller Nights
intends to maintain our honest, respected and trusted reputation, and we have a strict code of conduct against  such behaviour.
Our mediums and paranormal investigators always conduct events in safety, honesty and integrity,
and any paranormal or unexplained phenomenon that may occur during our events is genuine
We are not "Ghost Hunters" or "Ghost Busters" and highly dislike these terms. We are genuine paranormal investigators/researchers
and spiritual mediums working together to provide inexplicable and undoubtable proof of life after physical death.
Between us we have over 70 years combined experience!

We are NOT a business, we are a non profit club for like minded individuals. We are not out for financial gain, but to introduce people
to honest no nonsense paranormal investigation at it`s best. Our team are all unpaid experienced volunteers here to help you enjoy
your experience, and all donate their own time to you and
Thriller Nights out of their genuine interest in the paranormal.
We do not charge extortionate fees, our event prices only just cover the cost of the venues, insurance and equipment upkeep.
When asked recently why we don`t charge as much as other groups, our simple answer was

... We are working for Spirit, Not money! ...

Thriller Nights was founded by experienced paranormal investigator & spiritual medium Karen Owens and her highly trusted spirit
guide "Spectrum". Karen has over 50 years spirit communication experience alone and has been working with Spectrum for over 35 years.

During our events guests & spirit are invited to take part in various methods, activities and experiments for spiritual communication, which involves
the use of different tools & equipment which we have available. This is totally optional, no-one is ever forced or expected to do anything and
are free to sit it out and watch if that is preferred. We never treat any form or method of communication as a game and take each and every
thing we do seriously, with total respect at all times. All our boards and equipment are placed under spiritual protection before use and are
cleansed after every use for added peace of mind. We do not expect spirit to perform
for us, we simply invite them to interract with us, and
provide them with a choice of ways to do so. From our experience it has become perfectly obvious some spirits enjoy using
certain tools etc, whilst others prefer something else, so we provide a selection in the hope spirit will join in with us ... with great results!
The way we see it is that if an event didn`t have a variety of activities it would be pretty boring all round, for the spirits as well as us ...
and Spectrum agrees totally! - after all, who wants to sit or stand around in the dark / cold for several hours doing nothing but wait and hope? !

The cost for attending events is determined by the price we have to pay each location we visit.
Our prices start from just 10 per person, which is much less than the cost of most commercial paranormal events (and some other groups)!

Places are strictly limited in availability, so prompt application and payment for attending events is highly recommended.
It is important to bear in mind most events are overnight and may involve some travelling as locations are in various parts of the country.
Attendees are responsible for and must arrange their own travel, accommodation (if required) and food unless otherwise advertised as included.

We are willing to work occasionally with other paranormal teams. This is particularly useful for large events or locations, or the option of
a joint weekend away for an event further afield. If you have a team and wish to join forces with us, we would love to hear from you.

If you own, live or work in a haunted location and wish us to investigate the premises we would love to hear from you.
We can also arrange to conduct on - site or remote Spirit Rescue and Clearances if required.

If you simply wish to come along to our events as a guest that`s fine and you would be most welcome.
Why not join our mailing list so we can inform you of future events etc as they are arranged!

We are currently in need of team members. If you would like to join the team please get in touch.
Experience is not essential, all we ask is a genuine interest in the paranormal, a sensible and respectful no nonsense attitude
towards spirit and the paranormal, and to be able to attend team meetings approximately every 4 months.
Training is available via team training workshops or "on the job" for those with some experience.
Team members are expected to lead groups during events, but only when trained and confident to do so.
Team members are unpaid volunteers, we can't pay anyone due to being a non profit club.
However we do offer team incentives which are discussed with new recruits after joining us.

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